Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More pics from the 4th :)

We had fun over at Grandma's & Papap's house for the 4th. The bbq was great & the kids really enjoyed themselves. Going over there is always a fun experience for them. This time, they really got in to coloring.

Check out how good my Gabi Girl is holding that crayon! Most definitely a righty, just like her momma.

Sofi decided to join in the fun.

She's my lefty. Just like her Daddy & Meme (my mom).

Notice that Ian isn't in the pictures. He's too good to color. Such a boy! They also had fun tearing up their room w/ Grandma.

All in all, a great day! A very special thank you to Grandma & Papap for feeding us all & putting up w/ the tornado of a mess the kids left behind!


Jennifer said...

They are growing up so fast!

Their room is huge! Are all three cribs in there, or do the girls share a crib?

I absolutely ADORE their outfits, too. You did a fantastic job making them!

Susan said...

I'll bet they didn't mind cleaning up after the kiddos one bit! Great pics!