Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mommy's Sewing Addiction...

Cuz that's why I haven't been writing.
I'm bad.
I can't help it.
I bought more patterns,
I love patterns.

And to think I use to be scared of them.
Don't know what Todd is going to do
about this new addiction of mine.

I need more room.

And the best part?
The girls are getting really good at modeling my creations.

Sofi seems to shine behind the camera.

And Gabi ain't too bad herself,
normally taking the more bashful role.


Lindsay B said...

LOVE the dresses! What patterns are you using?

Jill said...

Awesome job! The dresses are really cute!

Prather Family said...

Great job on these Astrid!!! I love the shirt one. I may need to order 2 for the girls from you?

Surviving Triplets said...

The twirly skirt is my own pattern although a very common piece among sewers.

I can most definitely make a couple of pillowcase dresses for you!