Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 2...the am...

I just have to say, sometimes you pick & choose your battles. Overnight diaper free is not a battle we chose to fight. Day time diapering...fine. Overnight...I need my sleep & the methodology behind the 3 Day Potty Training Manual is that you stay in the room all night long & sorry, if it were 1 child, yes.

3, no.

So we call them big kid overnight panties. They are pullups so they feel the wetness when they pee. And this is the battle I don't want to fight. So there.

Day 2 morning progress is slow. A few tinkles in the potty by Gabi & Ian but they are still having accidents. I am terrified of nap time. TERRIFIED.

The one good thing that happened between yesterday & today, Sofi woke up at 2:30 am to pee. She called out for me & so I ran upstairs. It took putting her on the potty twice but she finally peed & peed well. She didn't make it the whole night w/o peeing in the pullups but I think that is major that she woke us up.

We are almost at lunch time & have had minimal success w/ Ian & Gabi but I'm hoping this will eventually click.


T Mc Q said...

Just call them "Big Kid Sleeping Panties" and use them for naptime, too, if that's going to be an issue! It's more important that they still get their sleep for Mommy's sanity, IMO.

Good luck! We found we had a terrible, terrible day for accidents right before our daughter really got it and went accident-free.

Jennifer said...

My brother in law and I potty trained my niece. (My sister had a baby the week before, but Chelsea was ready to be trained, but my sister and her husband didn't want to potty train until the new baby came home.) I think she was just day trained at that point.

Anyways, the first day was HORRIBLE!! She had 6 or 8 accidents. (That also included one "accident" where she lifted her dress and peed standing up through her panties because she had just seen some boys pee standing up.)

Day two, though, the switch clicked. She only had an accident or two. (I felt way better.)

Hang in there!