Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 3...the am...

I'm going to stick it out today, just in case it really is suppose to click sometime today. Ian is catching on albeit it 1 pittle at a time. I actually got Gabi to the potty on time this morning although she already started to pee on the floor, through her panties, most of it ended up in the potty. Finally, after 3 days.

Ian pooed last night in his overnight undies. Now if I can get the girls to go. Doesn't matter if it is in their panties...they need to get it out!

Must have been the good, hard sleep that has me motivated today. Must have been getting out of the house yesterday night after the kids went to bed. What ever the reason, my batteries are recharged for now.

So here's to Day 3...& to hoping & praying...what's one more day of pee anyway?

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Shosh said...

I have potty trained three kids so far - 2 boys and a girl - although never all at once!
In my experience, girls are ready earlier than boys. My daughter was 2 1/2 but my boys were over 3. Also, in my experience, if you try to do it before they are ready, it takes longer and is more frustrating, although in your situation I could see why you would want to do all of them at once.
Also, we do night training separately - my kids are not developmentally ready for staying dry at night until they are MUCH older.
I hope, for your sake, that this works for you, but if it doesn't, don't despair! I promise they won't walk down the aisle in diapers!
you might just have to wait until they are a little older. I waited until I was certain my kids were ready, and it was seriously the easiest thing ever, I couldn't believe it! The first day was hard and then it just clicked for them.