Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bring on the potty training...

My good friend Susan lead me to a blog written by a quad mom & their adventure in PTing. It talked about this "3 Day Potty Training" ebook & so I was sold. I mean, come on. In THREE days? Well, we will have to see since tomorrow is Day 1 for Miss Sofia.

She's totally ready. Completely. She knows how to control herself as evidenced this week. Let me recap for you...

Tuesday morning when we got in the pool, I decided to let the girls go diaperless. She peed herself when we got downstairs & promptly came to me whining & pointed to her mess on the floor. I didn't scold her. I took off her bathing suit bottoms, cleaned her up, cleaned the floor, rinsed the bottom & put it back on her. I mean, we were going out in the pool. No biggie.

I'm pretty sure she held it the whole time we were outside. It only took once for her to "get it" & not want to soil herself w/o a diaper on b/c as soon as we toweled off, she asked for the potty. I ran upstairs & got it for her, took her bottoms off & she went in the potty. Only a little though. Big praise & the potty dance followed immediately.

Then I put the diaper on.

Shouldn't have. She totally let loose & filled that diaper up immediately. I should have put her back on the potty. Lesson learned.

Fast foward to Thursday. We did the pool thing again. This time, she didn't pee from the time I put her bathing suit on until we started toweling off. Her potty was there waiting & she went to it immediately & peed. No hesitation.

But, I learned. So when she came to me to ask for her diaper, I told her to go back & finish on the potty. And she did. Quite a large amount. Again, I was a proud mommy!

This, of course, was still not enough to convince me to put her in big girl panties. But tonight, it was. Right before bed she has been asking us to sit on the potty. Every night before we put the overnight diaper on, we let her. Tonight, she went. Repeatedly. Like it was Musical Potty Chairs (we had 2 potties upstairs). It was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. She would strain, pee a few drops, jump up & potty dance w/ Todd & I, then move to the next chair, sit, strain, pee, potty dance...oh forgot that she would hand the potty to Todd for cleaning...then go to the next potty...sit, strain...blah-blah-blah.

You get the picture. She gets the picture. WE get the picture.

Sofi is ready. Tomorrow the big girl panties go on & we aren't turning back. And yes, I bought the ebook for $21. Pretty much everything I expected it to be. The only thing, it recommends that we do all 3 at one time. And the quad mom did all 4 at one time.

I think I'll stick w/ Sofi first. Then see how it goes.

Wish us luck. I've written a whole blog about it so now I have to do it.

I apprehensive? Hell yeah.

Hopefully I will be writing something positive in a couple of days.


The Kristy Family said...

Good luck Astrid!! I have the same ebook, and although I have read it cover to cover, I have not started. I don't think I will do the girls at the same time either (2 year old twins). But you are giving me hope that at least one can be done! =)

The Marquarts said...

i'm a triplet mommy too! working on potty training this summer! 2 have it down pat...and one of the two is even in panties overnight! yea! my last one is my challenge though! she shows no interest...everyone said, "oh i'm sure she'll start doing it once she see's the other 2 going all the time (peer pressure)!" not so...she can careless! in fact she cheers for them and gives them high fives for going on the potty, but she just prefers her diaper! the approach i am taking now is to put panties on her and when she has to go potty...she asks for a diaper! hopefully that is at least a step in the right direction...

good luck to you!!