Friday, July 23, 2010

Ian is done w/ PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!!

It was determined today that Ian no longer is in need of PT services. Not like it is a huge thing but it is a HUGE THING. He has met all of his goals & besides still being a bit wobbly due to the whole lingering balance issue, he is on target.

That's my boy! We are so proud of how far he has come. He was assessed at the level of a 4-5 month old when we started this journey. He was 11 months old. That is a half year loss in motor skills. Not something any parent wants to see happen to their child, especially since it seems like he just learned it all.

He was on the cusp of walking. Pulling up & cruising. All to be dashed away in a heartbeat. It took another 7 months to get there. It was so sad but he persevered. He became stronger b/c of his struggles. And the whole while, being a pleasant little boy. The most good-natured, happy-go-lucky, loving, little boy.

Sometimes I wonder who struggled more. Him or me (us...Todd included). There were nights I would mourn the loss of his skills, of who he was & who he had become. To say that my heart broke is an understatement.

So, yeah. This is a big deal.

He still gets speech therapy. His ECI coordinator, Melissa, still comes out 3/month doubling as a speach therapist so he is really getting quite the attention in that area. We are hoping he "graduates" & will not need services after this.

Either way, it is great to have our little boy back. Praise God.

PS ~ Don't you love his shorts? I made them & this little boy has worn them for 2 days. He doesn't want to take them off!


Miranda said...

Congratulations Ian! Way to go :D I'm smiling so much he could be my own boy I'm so happy for you guys! That is such wonderful news Astrid, really, really happy for you all!

Susan said...

Yay Ian!!! I'm so happy for you and Todd!

ps - can't wait for painting tomorrow!!!!!

Kat Designed said...

WOOOT for Ian! Congrats to you Astrid, strong parents make strong children... way to go!

Jennifer said...

Alright, Ian! (And Astrid and Todd!)

Angela said...

Yeah! What a happy day for him and for you.

Tonya said...

GREAT news!!! Go Ian!!