Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink Eye & a Fever

That's what's going on in this house. No time for anything as Ian seems to be SUPER clingy. I couldn't even eat today until my inlaws came over. Seriously. That bad.

It all started 2 days ago. Ian's eye was watering, chalked it up to allergies or a scratch b/c only God really knows, right. Sunday rolls around & by mid-morning, he had gook coming out of his eye. Not really yellow or green but gook all the same. We suspected pink eye & called the nurse hoping they would call in the antibiotic drops but NOOOOO. They made us come in.

All to be told it was pink eye. Then today at about 11, I noticed he felt warm. Took his temp & it was 100.6. Low grade fever. Wonder if he picked something up at the pedi's office yesterday since they MADE us go in. Yeah. I'm pissed.

Thankfully it has only gotten up to 100.6 & quickly lowered w/ each dose of Tylenol. It sucks. Pink eye & fever. I'm hoping it passes quickly b/c momma is going to be waking up every 4 hrs to check on Mr. Ian.

Oh, & let's not forget about Miss Crankypants, Sofi. Since she is in the throws of cutting her bottom 2-yr molars, life is grand. BUT, I rather stop everything & cuddle her or Ian or Gabi than anything else.


Andrea said...

aw...that sucks about ian. hope everything clears up soon. we're overdue for a visit! once things get back to "normal" (whatever that is, right?) give me a call or write and let me know when you'd like us to come over. jude has been suffering from the cruddy nose thing again but is slowly getting better. hope all this pollen gets gone soon!

Jennifer said...

Eek! Ok, so I don`t have kids, but I love'em. I follow Baby Blues comics, and they crack me up. They had a series of comics back in 2000 about pink eye. Here's the link. Hopefully it'll give you a bit of a laugh.