Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful Birthday Party!

I really couldn't have asked for it to go any better. The rain that they said was going to come, never did. The company was wonderful. The kids had a blast. The food was great! By 7pm, I was totally.exhausted. No joke. I just vegged on the couch until I went to bed.

The party had just started & the kids came down to discover they had these cool balloons tied to their chairs. It provided a good 15 minutes of straight giggles!

Right after this picture of Sofi, I asked her for her paci & she gave it to me w/o a problem. I showed her where I put it up & she happily forgot about it for the rest of the day (& no, this is not for the #@*% anonymous' benefit, just gotta share that they will be ready when they are ready).

Did I mention how much Gabi loved the balloons? The problem, for most of the day she called it a "baboon" & finally towards the end, she figured out how to say it right. So precious!

Kay-Kay (the bestest 14, almost 15 yr old in the world), my mom (Meme) & She-She (one of the greatest friends of all times) w/ Sofi.

Ian & Daddy were having fun jumping up to get the balloons.

The canopy was a popular hangout.

Miss Mia (from a set of triplets that came).

Mr. Andrew (the brother in the other set of triplets, handsome devil)!

Miss Ava (aka, Social Butterfly & the other sister in the set of triplets)

Apparently Ian & Jude were having a pretty serious conversation.

This was the cutest thing EVER. Ava & Jude were talking. Ava was very excited & waving her hands all over the place while talking. I asked her mommy, Susan, if this was normal & she said that Ava likes to talk w/ her hands. So cute!

Ava wanted in the car w/ Gabi.

All the adults feeding the kids & enjoying the back deck.

We came inside to cool off & the kids were all about the balloons.

Ian had so much fun hitting the balloon around!

Our attempt at a family picture. HA!

That's all folks, the end!


Family of 5 said...

looks like fun! I love that two of the 3 are crying in the family pic... it's a reality pic that will be fun to look back on when they're grown! :)

Susan said...

Great pics! You did an awesome job with their party and can't wait to play again soon!

Tonya said...

Great pics Astrid! Looks like you had a great party and beautiful weather for it. I still can't believe our kids are turning 2. There is no stinking way that's possible.

Miranda said...

I love the family pic the most... even with the crying kiddos, the fact that it isn't a perfect portrait makes it all that more perfect to me :)

Wish I could have come and joined you!

Prather Family said...

The party looked like a blast and a great success. It is so nice you can have another set of Trips at the party. We are inviting a set of twins to our girls party at the end of the month.
Great pictures!!!

Brittanie said...

So were there 2 other sets of trips or just one?

It looks like everyone was having so much fun! I wish we had your weather. Today is cold.

As for the paci...that's exactly how Erin did it. One day she just didn't need it anymore. I'm hoping Patrick will be the same with his thumb.

Laura said...

I'm so glad everyone had a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures.

Surviving Triplets said...

There was us & another set. That's it. Another set was suppose to come but they didn't.

Jill said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. Happy birthday kiddos!

Norina said...

Happy birthday precious ones! I still remember anxiously awaiting news of your arrival on Just Mommies...time really has gone fast. Love watching you all grow.