Friday, April 16, 2010


There is a game that the kids love to play. Well, it's not really a game, per say. What it really is, pretend play. The love pretending to leave. It is the funniest thing ever. Ok, so maybe it isn't so funny to all of you but to me, I crack up every time.

For real, they get totally in to it. Seriously in to it. First, they gather all their belongings. Everything they can grab in to their little hands. It is soooo cute. Any bucket, bag or otherwise mentionable that can be carried from the shoulder or arm is grabbed.

Then it is time for goodbye hugs & kisses. So adorable! If they miss someone, they go back around & kiss/hug them.

Finally, they say "bye-bye". In Gabi's case, she says "Bye-bye! See ya soon!" or "Bye-bye! I wub you. See ya soon!"

All of it makes my heart melt. Every single moment.


Susan said...

Does Sofi have 3 babies in her cart? That is so cute!!
Ava likes to go to our front door, grab the handle and turn around and wave and say bye to us too. Your kiddos look like they are packing up for a trip! Maybe a hint? :)

Miranda said...

That's gorgeous! Zeke insists on waving bye-bye to everyone before he zooms off down the hall on his little ride on push toy thingy. Everyone must wave back too, or he'll sit there yelling at you and waving until you do!

Judy (Nana) said...

It must be their ages too bacause my granddaughter Chloe (23 months) is doing the same thing but also will go up to the doorfacing and say "ding-dong" while pushing the invisable doorbell! I just love this age.

Tonya said...


Nichole said...

They are so cute, mama!! :)