Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Pics!

I'm sure I'll take another 500 on Saturday for their party. These were the best shots from yesterday. Besides the 3 major meltdowns Ian had, I think the day went very well. It was also Meme's birthday so we celebrated by eating together w/ family (Meme, Abu, Oma, Grandma, Papap, Tio Ian, & Tia Jesse). I think the kids had a BLAST.

When the kids woke up, they all wanted to sit on the couch w/ blankies & pillows to watch Sid the Science Kid.

Papap cooked the kids roast, potatoes, & carrots for their birthday dinner. Funny thing is Gabi was so interested in the toy getting put together outside that she hardly ate a bite!

Then it was time for birthday cupcakes that I made for them. They weren't much in to it. Only Sofi, & only the icing. Ian & Gabi passed all together.

I think the only thing they were interested in was getting in their new canopy glider (which took Daddy & Papap SIX hrs to put together).

The whole family enjoyed the beautiful weather & sat outside the whole evening.

Meme was having so much fun w/ Ian & the swing. She had him giggling incessantly. Mind you, she & the kids both celebrated their birthdays together yesterday!

Not to worry, although Gabi didn't eat at HER dinner time, she did eat when Oma got her plate. Actually, she ate about HALF of her plate. Silly girl! Oma loved having her on her lap. I got in for a picture as well.

My mommy & me!

Everyone wanted to swing, help push who was on the swing or get on w/ Mommy & Daddy to swing high in the air.

Fun w/ Tio! He is so tall! Then it was time for a chicken fight. Don't worry, no one got hurt. Ian & Sofi had no idea what to do except giggle.

Tia Jesse tried to eat her food in peace but that didn't happen b/c there were 3 beautiful children begging for food. Of course, she shared!

Then it was time to take a bath b/c boy, were they dirty! We put the kids down later than normal b/c we wanted to sing happy birthday at 7:20 pm. Everyone came up to the playroom to sing to the kids & then it was time for noni-noni.

Beautiful day!


txsjewels said...

wow ... love this post. happy birthday trips. can't wait to see them in person! and also a happy birthday to Poppie.

Katy L. said...

I loved the pictures!! Looks like they had a good time! Can't wait to see pics of the Saturday party!!

Miranda said...

Happy birthday, Sofi, Ian and Gabi!

I love the sweet snuggly photos from the morning, I just want to snuggle up with them too! And that photo of Ian on the swing is just amazing - what a handsome little guy :)

Hope the Saturday celebrations go well, can't wait to see some pics of that too!

Jennifer said...

Awww... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ian, Sofi and Gabi!!! I can't wait to see their birthday party pictures! I can't believe how big they are getting. Ian looks like a little boy in the pictures on the swing - not like a toddler anymore. That's just wrong! lol

Surviving Triplets said...

Very wrong! I can't believe he looks like a little boy!

Miranda, I love the snuggly pics. I take way too many of them. They just look so warm & cuddly all wrapped up in big blankies!

JO said...

Looks like a mega busy day. Love that Houston sunshine! Happy B-day.