Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our couch, the jungle gym.

It is going to be a sweet day when we go to someone's home & the kids start climbing all over the couch. It is their 'favorite' toy. Seriously. They can climb on & off of it for hours.


Daddy started a game called 'Baby Loco'. This game consists of the kids getting on the window sill behind the couch, flinging themselves over the back & Daddy throwing them to the ground. Course, there is a pillow down there for the kids to fall on. They go crazy doing this!

Since the inception of Baby Loco, the kids now try to find anything that will help get them over the couch. Sometimes it is 1 of their chairs, other times it is a stool but most often, it is the little round table. It's too much like a mini-ladder & perfect for little feet.

Here is a series of photos of the girls playing on the couch. Lord, help us.


Andrea said...

Kids are so crazy at that age! Todd definitely came up the perfect name for that activity. =)
Cecilia used to love to climb onto the coffee table and dive onto the couch. I would get so upset with her because she was probably only 18 months old at the time I just knew she was going to bust her head open somehow...but no matter how many times I stopped her, she always tried to do it again.
Any sacrifice for a good time, right?

Miranda said...

What fun! You can bring your kiddos around to jump on my couch with Zeke anytime :)