Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Year Well Baby...Toddler I should say.

This morning we went in for the kids' 2 year exam. Um, I think we did good. There was some crying. Ok, lots of crying during the actual exam but otherwise the kids did fairly well. Dr. N told us they won't be bothered at all next year but that the 18 month & 2 year exams are the worst. I would agree. 100%.

Just for are each kiddo's stats when they were newborn, 1 & 2.

Miss Sofia:
Weight ~ 4lb 9oz (newborn), 20lb 13oz (1 yr), 31 lbs (yes, that is 90%)
Height ~ 17.5" (newborn), 30.5" (1 yr), 37" (eh, you read right, over 100%)

Miss Gabriella:
Weight ~ 4lb 4oz (newborn), 22lb 6oz (1 yr), 32lb 9oz (yeah, chub chubs...95%)
Height ~ 17" (newborn), 30.5" (1 yr), 36" (95%)

Mr. Ian
Weight ~ 4lb 1oz (newborn), 18lb 15oz (1 yr), 28lb 8oz (50%)
Height ~ 18" (newborn), 30" (1 yr), 35" (75%)

We have us some ginormous children. I don't mind. I'm 5'10" & Todd is 5'11". I'm just glad they got the height. YAY for big, healthy babies!


Brittanie said...

They sound very healthy! Erin's very tall too, lol. She's nearly 3 (34 months) and 41" tall already. But her dad is 6'3", so that's not a surprise, lol. Yay for healthy kids!

Susan said...

You've got some big kiddos! Never would guess they were preemies :)

MollyinMinn said...

Glad to hear they are all doing so well!

Seanaci said...

Way to GROW Sofi, Gabbi, and Ian! And way to go momma! They are all so darn cute!

Elif Putrisari said...

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