Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our version of the Choo Choo Wagon

I have to blog about this thing called The Choo Choo made by Step 2. It is all the rage in the triplet world. Supposedly the best thing out there for carting around triplet toddlers. Problem is, Step 2 doesn't make it anymore so that is leaving triplet mommies all over the USA in a tizzy. Not me, never was interested in having one. It seems so bulky. Really. It does. And, how in the world would I fit it all in the back of my Honda CRV?

Because Step 2 is no longer producing this, the Choo Choo is now highly sought after on Ebay & Craigs List. I check from time to time to see if there is one near by, just to see. Not b/c I want one. Because I want to see how rediculously high the price is. For a 3 cart Choo Choo, I found that it is going for $450 around these parts. HUH? Who is insane enough to pay that amount for something used? Isn't there a better alternative & cheaper?

Well, let me answer that last question for you. YES. Pretty simple. Think outside to box people. Use the resources out there. Step 2 still makes a wagon for 2 that has a hitch for a tag-along trailer. PERFECT. I found one for only $50, both pieces.

The kids love to be pulled around this & makes for great short evening walks. I'm looking forward to decorating it for Halloween & pulling the kids around in their costumes. Would I die to have this? Nope but it sure is a fun change for us all! The best part, it all fits in the back of my CRV w/ the 3 kids in the back seat & my hubby in the front seat next to me. Still room to pack a cooler full of goodies too. I think we will take a trip to the zoo using our newly aquired red wagon & trailer.

Any triplet moms out there looking for a solution to the long sought after Choo Choo, consider this as an alternative. Totally worth the price!


Susan said...

Too cute! Good job on the bargain shopping!

Pyjammy Pam said...

one of my friends has this for her triplets, and it looks great. but the third one isn't really made for a kid to sit in, is it? it doesn't have a "seat" does it? or seatbelts? i don't remember.

what i do love about the choo choo is that each kid has his own space.

i'm glad we got our choo choo before they stopped making them, but if we hadn't, i would have done this as an alternative. :)

Surviving Triplets said...

I think if we could have reasonably found a choo choo, I would have gotten one. The thing is that I haven't been dying to get one or felt like I was missing out. The last cart is not really "made" for sitting. We screwed in the belts to the back, just like the wagon for 2 did & each kid is safely strapped in, no matter their location.

Karla said...

Astrid. Love this post. I have been wondering the same thing about the choo-choo obsession. My triplets are 14 months old and we planned on buying the double wagon with the trailer for Christmas and making it into "a seat" ourselves. I have no idea why everyone isn't doing this rather than scouting E-bay and paying ridiculous prices for used choo-choos.

Surviving Triplets said...

Amen, Karla!

Shane & Renee said...

I all the with you on that, we have the same wagon and would not, let me repeat would not trade it for the CHOO CHOO for that matter even our stroller anymore! Love the post

MDtripmom said...

Nicely done! I came across a choo choo wagon in my area for $50 before all the hype started so I was pleased with that but if I hadn't, I'd totally steal your idea! Keep up the good work, mama!

Jenny said...

Thank you for posting about this! My triplets were born in October 2008 and I missed the boat on the choo choo wagon waiting for them to get big enough. I have been debating about the double and trailer and now will be ordering one today! Thanks again!

Surviving Triplets said...

Glad I could help you out Jenny!

Lara said...

Hi Surviving Triplets!

I am a mom of 24 month old triplets in AZ and I was sent your link via email through Craigslist from another unknown mom of multiples.

I too was trying to get a choo choo wagon but it looks like everyone is seriously overpricing them. I also had the idea of the wagon for two with the trailer but was concerned about the weight and room for a child to fit. Looks like it will work out and I can get the whole thing brand new for just under $100.

My question is where did you get the extra seat belt? Did you have to get it through Step 2 replacement parts? I am going to get this wagon for my trio for Christmas and would love to have it all together and ready to go.

Thanks in advance for any additional information you can supply. I love your blog too. I am not that smart to get my blog going so I use facebook for now.

Lara - mom of 24 month old triplets GBG :) :) :)

Andrea said...

Hi- I just stumbled across your blog while searching for "choo choo" wagon. I have one for my triplets that another triplet mommy sold me pretty cheap, and it upsets me so many are selling them for such high prices now instead of helping another MOM out. Anyway, Step 2 announced in Oct. that they are reintroducing the Choo Choo as soon as they can and they have a waiting list on their website. You can pass that along to anyone you know, too, along with your good idea w/ the other wagons.
(I used to teach 5th grade before staying home with my trio, too!)

Julianne said...

I have one-year-old triplets and a two-year-old. We have this same wagon with the trailer. We are now in the process of teaching our two-year-old daughter to walk with us and hold our hand while we are pulling the wagon. We hope to teach the triplets how to do this also, so I'm hoping when they are 2 we can take the trailer off and just have one wagon. We can switch off who walks and who rides as they get tired.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good one for sale.

JESorenson said...

I just ordered the Wagon for Two Plus and the Tag Along trailer from Amazon - $108 total (incl. shipping).

I have a one-year-old son, but take care of two other babies his age full-time. I'd love to add a seatbelt and would like to know how you did it. Did you order a replacement belt? How did you secure it?

I'm very excited to ditch the stroller and have our first trip to the zoo in the wagon train!


Kelli said...

Just wanted to give anyone still searching for a Choo Choo Wagon a heads up! Step 2 just released the brand spankin' new version *this morning* in limited quantities. I just got the wagon plus an extra car on sale plus shipping for $181 and some change. Good luck!

HEATHER said...

Well, the CHOO CHOO DILEMMA is over! Step 2 just released the NEW VERSION for cheap cheap cheap! I have 16 month old twin girls and a 2.5 yr old son...cannot ride in a wagon for 2 w/out killing each other! The trailer - too shallow for the hefty little critters! One twin is a bit clumsy and fell out of it...the other twin jumped out w/a belt on. My son is too big for trailer. SO...CHOO CHOO it is! I have seen the USED ones and how they were trying to price them like gold...and now Step 2 has regained their senses and released the NEW ONE! $149 for all 3 cars (everyone has their own SPACE) w/cup holder (MUST HAVE), seat belts (DITTO), and the wagon comes apart to fit in the back of any vehicle! YEA YEA YEA! So, tired of taking my Runabout apart over and over again while babies cry in the parking lot of TARGET! Step 2 is offering free shipping right now too!

The Luchettas said...

Joe and I have been trying to find something like this to buy for the triplets first birthday and you're right everything is SO expensive! We saw this one that you bought but weren't sure if the trailer would fit a child or if it was more for storage purposes? In the description it talks about putting your diaper bag, cooler, etc back there but never a child. So based on your experience it's okay to put a child back there? Thanks!!!

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