Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting back in shape, one jog at a time.

For the 1st time in well over 2.5 yrs, I went jogging. I've been contemplating starting up again but kept on coming up w/ excuses. The only time I have is either at 5:30 in the morning (um, no) or after the kids go down. The problem (in my head, of course) is that I have to feed Todd & I dinner first. Then it is entirely too late to go jogging. Well, I just decided too late or not, I'm going & if I end up staying up until midnight, I'll have learned my lesson.

Turns out that I was able to shut my eyes at about 10:15, no problems. Now I'm stoked about the prospects of picking up my jogging again! I went jogging for 22 minutes straight. Not bad for a momma that had triplet 16.5 months ago & was on bed rest for 16 months out of the pregnancy. Once I got home, I got in the car to clock the mileage. I thought I had gone about 1.75 miles. Turns out I jogged 2 solid miles.

My hope it to run every other day. I need it for mental health purposes as well as getting tone back in my legs. Yeah, they are lookin' a little flabby now days. Damn that bed rest! I am even thinking if I can keep up w/ the jogging, I will enter a 5K in November. I've never run in a 5K. Why not start now? I think it would be great!

I know I have been writing more about me & my new ventures the past couple of posts so I want to make sure to take some time out to write about the kids. The thing is that for the past 16 months, the kids have been my life. They still are, always will be but I needed to start some personal projects for myself. Now...on to the kids!

Sofi has gotten to be quite the clever little girl. She loves to take her bib off. I've had to get creative on how to keep it on. Here is a picture of me using a chip clip. Now, it doesn't prevent her from taking it off but it does make it that much harder. Of course, taking only her bib off isn't satisfying enough. She also manages to free Gabi from the clutches of the evil bib!

This is Sofi's hair standing straight up using grape jelly. Who need gel!?!

Ian had another therapy session yesterday w/ his PT. He is still having what she thinks is overfiring of the nerve endings. His brain is trying to regulate the signal but sometimes over does it. She mentioned possibly asking for another CT scan the next time we go to the neurologist just to verify there wasn't any damage. I'm a bit confused by her statement b/c they scan, MRI, & EEG (both sets) all came back normal. This is why he was diagnosed by exclusion. She mentioned a possible hemorage (small) that could have done some damage??? There was no sign of a hemorage & I would think that the head of neurology at TX Children's hospital would have caught this. She did say this was just what she thought based on very limited information. I suppose when we go back, we will see what the neurologist says. She did say that she thinks any issues will resolve themselves, that she doesn't see it being a permanent situation b/c of how far he has come. So, if you are a praying person, please say a little one for Ian.

Gabi is quite the character. This little girl is already counting. I'm not sure where that falls developmentally & I'm not saying she is the smartest lass in the world but should a 16 month old be able to count? At first she was just saying random numbers. Now she can count 2 objects. She even points to them. She can only count to 2 but starting to count higher. It is super cute! She also only counts when she has the number book or any book/page that has numbers so she recognizes that is what she is suppose to do w/ them. Either way, it is super cute to hear her!

Um, more pics? Uh. They are still on the camera. I know, bad mommy. I promise more later.


Tonya said...

I only have my own experiences to go off of, but I think 16 months is about when kids who are a little ahead of the game developmentally start to learn to count. That's when my mom said I started counting, when my friend's son started counting and my niece started counting. So good for Gabi, little smarty pants!

Following HIM said...

Let me say...GOOD FOR YOU...getting back on the jogging wagon :)

Ang said...

Congrats on starting the jogging. I started jogging after my 5 year old was born, and the baby weight came right off. I've been telling myself I'd do it again, but the triplets are almost 13 months and it hasn't happened yet. Your little guys are adorable, by the way!