Friday, August 21, 2009

Another visit to the fire house!

We love our fire fighters! I really want to keep in touch w/ the guys & gals that helped Ian out when we called 911. Our fire house is awesome. No doubt about it. I decided that they needed brownies for their Tuesday night meeting so on Monday I whipped up a batch. Um, no. Not from scratch. From the box. It's the thought that counts, right? Unfortunately we didn't get to see any of the people that worked w/ Ian but it's ok. We know they enjoyed the brownies!

We have changed where we play most of the day to downstairs. We spend more time in the living room as there is much more space for the kids to run around. We also have their little chairs in there & when 11am hits, they are ready to watch Barney (yep. never thought i'd see the day when i let me kids watch barney but it works.)

Sofi ended up running a low grade fever yesterday but it seemed to go away as quickly as it came. I'm suspicious of teething or that same 24 hr virus that Ian had on Saturday. What ever the reason, she was super clingy. I don't mind clingy but I couldn't get anything done yesterday. She did pretty well through the night, only waking at about 4:30. I quickly gave her some Tylenol, cuddled her for a second & put her back down. I almost took her out to the pallet in the hall where I was sleeping but quickly reminded myself that we worked really hard to get those kids to sleep in their cribs & didn't want to reverse our efforts.

I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother. He turned 30 yesterday. We were able to get Grandma Donna & Papap to babysit while Todd & I went to meet my family for a dinner celebration. Man, am I out of drinking practice! It only took a couple of margaritas for me to be nice & toasty, toasty. I'm paying for it today. Not so much a hang over in the traditional sense but I can definitely tell my body isn't use to the alcohol, LOL! At least I'm a cheap drunk, huh?


Andrea said... the pic of the kids in the chairs! MUST be out of practice. I remember a time when you could certainly hold your own. LOL!!! No worries though...with Terry being the ultimate NON-drinker, I am SOOOO out of practice. I truly fear what would happen if I had a drink now. =P
And I hope you are available for playtime on Monday. Cecilia starts back to school on Tuesday and would love to see your babies one more time. Let me know!

Tonya said...

They're so cute in their chairs!

FrenznickFive said...

Astrid where are their chairs from? they are so cute they look like the pottery barn ones but I am hoping they are not and are a more affordable version cause I need some for my trio but don't have over 400 bucks to spend on three chairs from PB! :o)

Triplet Mami said...

I have been following your blog for some time since I have trips of my own just a bit younger than yours. It's amazing to see how they grow and develop and your babies have made amazing strides.

P.S. Love the chairs!