Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goodbye Cheesy 80's Teen Movies

May John Hughes rest in peace. These movies shaped so much of who I was. They were a staple in my teen years. Of all his movies, my all time favorite is Pretty in Pink. Andie was everything I was. Blane, everything I wanted. Ok, so I wasn't as pretty as Andie but I sure felt like an outsider. Being from a different country, a Spanish country at that, in a small Texas town with a name like Astrid, can really make a teenager's life pretty bad. Sorry, don't want to throw myself a pity party. It just brings back all those memories.

I hope my kids have fun, innocent movies like this to watch as they are fighting puberty & the ways of teen love. Gawd, I have to go through all that w/ them TIMES THREE. Where is the nearest church? I need to start prayin'!


Andrea said...

Terry just told me about John Hughes' death this evening. So sad. But the weird thing is that we ate at Taco Cabana and the cashier's name was BLAINE! I was totally quoting the movie..."Blaine? Blaine?? That's not a name, that's a major appliance!". LOL!
We should all hope to leave even a portion of the legacy that Mr. Hughes has left behind. May he rest in peace.

txsjewels said...

wow, love seeing those old movie posters. hughes directed the quintessential 80's coming of age movies. he was young enough to have given the next generation a taste of his take on the current culture. but, not to be. thanks for posting the posters. so cool.