Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where did Monday & Tuesday go?

I must be dreaming. It's already Wednesday? Um, ok. I guess since I have been working on my "new space" for my biz, the 1st 2 days of the week somehow snuck by me. (Is snuck a word, or at least the correct form of past tense?) Anyway, I know have my own space to do my tutus, bows, etc. It is in a good location meaning that the kids can be playing in the living room & I'm just on the other side of the baby gate. Of course, my other work space (eh hem, the dining room table) was also just on the other side of the gate but now I don't have to worry about picking everything up, packing it in to containers & boxes when we needed the table to eat at.

My clever solution? Combine our old kitchen table & coffee table together & make it a work/storage unit. The table fit right on top of the coffee table. The dimensions are perfect! I plan on buying some mod material that matches the color theme we have going & sew a skirt for the table so you can't see underneath. The only problem? I have to find a place for my sewing machine. Maybe the skirt will wait or I'll use the stitch witchery stuff to hem the material.

Here are a couple of pics of my new space.

On the kid front, Ian has learned to sign "more" & "water". I don't think there is a real issue we need to worry about. Last week I was all worked up about what the dr said but the things he has learned since then is what tells me (in my gut) that there ain't a damn thing wrong w/ my boy. Besides, he doesn't need to be a rocket scientist. A doctor that discovers the cure for cancer, yes. Rocket scientist, no. Ok, kidding. What ever he ends up being, those blue eyes will help him along the way ;).

I have to share this picture of Ian. The little girl is Paige, a neighbor. Hmmm, watch that hand little boy!

More big news around these parts is that I took Miss Gabi to the grocery store this past Sunday. Just her & I. I got a shopping cart cover made by my friend, Andrea, & decided that I would take 1 kid every Sunday so they get the experience of grocery shopping & some one on one time w/ Momma. I picked Gabi b/c it has been ages since she & I have gone anywhere alone. Both Sofi & Ian have been taken to the pedi's office alone so it was only right to give her the 1st chance.

The experience was GREAT! Gabi talked the whole time we were in there. She was a doll. Precious. I can't wait to go shopping again this Sunday, but w/ Sofi in tow. Should be an interesting experience w/ my feistiest of the 3.

Gabi snacking on a piece of watermelon that we got in the produce section. She sucked on it the whole time & finally ate it when we got in the car. Silly girl!


Andrea said...

yay! the cover is officially in use now! hope you didn't have any issues with it. glad to see the great one-on-one time going on too. also love the workspace set-up. the coffee table fits in there so perfectly! and did i notice an oh-so-gorgeous handmade pincushion on that table?? haha! ;) glad you've had such a productive week so far! (oh, and i'm in the process of getting those other two covers made right now :)

Tonya said...

Awww I bet she loved her one on one time with mommy!

Annie said...

You made a wonderful space area for work. It looks great.

Shopping is a great opportunity to one on one. Gabi looks so cute.