Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bonnafided Bow Heads

My girls, that is. Ian, not so much. It all started w/ our playdate on Friday. Miss Lizzie was wearing a pretty white bow & I honestly expected them to tear it off her pretty little head. I waiting & waited to no avail. It seems as though the girls observed just how cute Miss Lizzie was w/ a bow in her hair so I decided to give it a try in the afternoon, during our walk as they don't sit together which means no ripping bows out of each other's hair.

They did well w/ them in. I took them out & thought that maybe we could add bows before walks so I could "advertise" as well. You know, the best way to draw customers is by putting those bows in! Ok, not sure but either way, sounds good.

Well before going on the walk, Sofi reached out to the bow holder & whined for one. Then she proceeded to place the bow in her hair. Not really but she tried & that's what counts. So I asked if she wanted it in & she bent forward anxiously awaiting the bow.

Since Sofi had one, Gabi had to have one b/c there isn't anything in this house that is for 1 baby. 1 for all or all for 1. That is our motto. Actually, their motto. Since Saturday, they now go up to the bow holder, point & then put their head out so I can put one in. Is this suppose to happen at 17 months old? Oh, Ian isn't even interested. Gender identity has started.

They were on the run the whole time I tried to get pictures. Grrrrrr.


Jennifer said...

I find it fascinating to watch little girls become girls and little boys become boys with no outside influence. It's just interesting that with no outside influence, Ian's not into the bows.

It sounds silly, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

Texas Gal said...

LOVE it! Be sure to have a business card ready to pass out when people ask... Your bows are really great and your technique is far superior to mine. They are tooo cute, BTW. You are blessed with the most well-rounded kiddos on the planet. No lie! :)

Surviving Triplets said...

Jennifer, I totally get you! You are absolutely right. I guess it is nature vs nurture in a sense.

Adrienne, you hush. You've got me blushing. Well rounded, I think you would have thought twice today listening to Gabi wailing.