Sunday, September 20, 2009

Going to the Playground!

It has taken us almost 18 months to finally get to the playground & I have to say it was a blast! The reason we waited so long is b/c we couldn't find a toddler friendly area. Our subdivision has a wonderful park/playground area but there are several reasons we felt uncomfortable going there.

1) No fence.
2) Right next to the main street in our subdivision.
3) No playground equipment for toddlers.
4) Would need 1 adult per baby w/ the above conditions.
5) Too damn hot!
6) Way too many mosquitoes!

For these reasons, we have delayed going. It's been a bummer b/c I have been DYING to take the kids but it was too difficult, UNTIL...our neighbor, Jane, was able to get us in to the neighborhood church toddler playground! Thank you Jane!

It is a perfect little playground, just the right height equipment for the kids to run around on. Great fence & benches just high enough for the kids to sit on. Jane made a call & we were set up to go to the playground on Friday. She came over at 9 am & we headed out. It is a short walk so we took the stroller as opposed to driving in the car.

We got there & the kids had a blast, as did I. What a wonderful experience!

We tackled the slide first. Sofi was too busy running around to care about going down.

Then it was time for some swinging action.

Ian loved crawling on the bark!

The girls enjoying the grass.

The plan is to go every Friday which will be good b/c we are there alone. Thank God for great neighbors like Jane!


Christina said...

We're just now finding a park for us too! We found one, right in time for the cold weather, lol. I'm glad you had fun! My daughter Abby loves the bark much more than the equipment too! ;)

Susan said...

Looks like the kids had a really good time (and I'm sure mommy did too!)