Thursday, May 21, 2009


When do they learn this concept? Geez! I think it is amazing that no one will pay attention to a certain toy until 1 of the 3 gets hold of it. Then it becomes the "toy of the moment" & they all HAVE to have it. Huh? We have a room full of toys? Why does this happen? This is how it is all the time. If 1 of them comes to sit in my lap or Todd's lap, the other 2 gravitate right over & want to be included.

In a way, it is super cute, that is until someone starts crying b/c there is only 1 toy for the 3 of them. Then I have to figure out how to distract them. This is the game we play all day long. The same thing goes w/ books. We have tons of books but as soon as 1 gets a hold of 1, the other 2 also want it. Never mind the other 4-5 books strewn on the floor, readily available to be handled.

I know they don't understand sharing yet. I try to teach them about it though. Even if they can't grasp the concept at this age, they can be corrected if they take something away from their sibling. I'm not talking about being hit or anything but a firm "no" & then giving back the toy/book to the sibling that had it first will do for now.

There is a flip side though. This doesn't always happen. For instance, right now Gabi & Sofi are sitting next to each other on the floor looking at a few different books, not fighting for the same one. Very cute! It is times like these that I want to remember for ever b/c it is such a tender moment.

We have this round end table (in the pics) & the kids decided it would be a fun push toy. Ian walked it all the way across the living room. I suppose it is better for him that it doesn't have wheels.

Then we have silly Gabi. This is the face I get almost EVERY time I point the camera in her direction as you can see by all the pics below.


txsjewels said...


auntie julie loves me some gabi.

great shots!

Team Darnell said...

It's funny how the stages are so similar. We are trying to teach sharing as well as "no, don't touch." If you figure out something that works, please share! Also, my Andrew gives me a very similar funny "smile" in all his photos.

Family of 5 said...

I think that's a very "kid" thing. My kids do the SAME thing & they are 12,3 & 1. So, who would figure all of them want the same thing at the same time! :P Your kids look very happy!

Multiplesmania said...

Yes, sharing isn't in the english language I don't think.....or any language for that matter! ARGH! LOVE your the tutus!! Absolutely adorable!!

Leslie said...

That face is cracking me up!