Saturday, May 2, 2009

Para Mamama

Hice un video para mi abuela en Argentina. Primos y tias leyendo esto, por favor de mostrar a Mamama el video. Voy a empezar a hacer uno cada 2 semanas para que pueden ver lo tanto que esten creciendo estos nenes. Cumplieron 13 meses. El tiempo vuela bastante rapido.

For those that did not know, I am originally from Argentina. Although Castillano (Spanish) was my first language, English is by far my better language. Too many years in the USA & being educated in all English. Never mind the fact that Todd speaks English but he does try to speak Spanish! I have been a bad mommy & not spoken as much Spanish to the kids as I should. I want them to know the language. What a shame if they didn't.

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Angela said...

I love Spanish and can read it fairly well! But don't ask me to speak it, I take way too long. What a gift you are giving them by teaching them Spanish early! Sow those seeds early and they'll have a love for it! I love that you refer to su abuela as "Mamama".