Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun downstairs!

For the most part, we have "lived" upstairs w/ the kids. It was just easier that way in the beginning. Their room was up there, the playroom, my computer, their bouncy chairs, etc. You name it, it was up & not down. Well, things are changing. The kids need more visual stimulation & now that they are walking, more room to practice. I've been bringing them down when they wake up from their afternoon nap.

It is a good change. We all need a new environment. Being downstairs gives us all a break from the playroom which although is perfectly suited for the kids, is also very closed in. The living room has a huge bay window & plenty of room to walk around. The kids love it. Mommy is still getting use to it but it ain't bad.

While we were downstairs yesterday, Todd was folding the kids' laundry. Ianchito thought it would be fun to get in the basket & Sofi was pulling every piece of clothing from it & carrying it around the living room. They also thought it would be fun to all get in at the same time. I had the brilliant idea of pushing them around & they LOVED it!

Here are random pics of the kids loving their new play area downstairs.


Nicole Montgomery said...

What is it with the 12-20 month crowd and their love of all things laundry related! I swear my 16 mo old son and currently 19 mo old niece LOVE being pulled in the basket, after they throw all the clothes out of it!

Lisa said...

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