Friday, January 2, 2009


Dr. Adam warned us about "Baby A". She said that the "A's" were spitfires. They were the babies that held everyone in & ended up being the ones that were the feistiest. She was right. The thing is that I don't think any fair amount of warning can prepare a parent for how quickly the spitfire has developed in the past 2 weeks!

"Baby A" is Sofi. Sofi is our hyper child, the one that also happens to sleep the best. I wonder if there is a connection to the 2? This all started on Christmas w/ her sitting on her own, you know from laying down or being on all 4's. Well, it has been FULL SPEED AHEAD since that time! Here is a list of what she has accomplished...

*Sitting on her own
*Army crawling
*Real crawling
*Pulling up on her knees
*Pulling up to standing
*Holds her own bottle
*Claps her hands

Here is the little monkey on her hands & knees crawling a few inches.

Here is the story on this one, I went to go get Ian to put down for a nap & when I left, she was like this BUT by the time I got back, she was standing so I had to immediately drop the crib b/c you can see how low the top is w/ her just kneeling. I was afraid I would hear a big THUD after I closed the door & see her on the floor.

Here is the little one standing on her very own. I missed it again b/c I was changing a diaper in the nursery & when I came back w/ Ian this is what I found.

Here is the little munchkin holding her own bottle. She has been doing this for about 5 days. Yes, the whole bottle from start to finish!

What am I going to do? This is just WAY TO FAST for me! I want them to slow down a bit! I can barely relish in the accomplishment of 1 task when I get thrown another! I want time to slow down a bit. I want them to stay small just a bit longer. This is most likely the only time I will experience this. I would love to have another child but let's face it, chances of that happening are slim. That makes all these times that much more special. I am experiencing firsts & lasts at the same time & although I get to experience it times 3, the truth is that it is still bundled up together as a package deal. WAAAAAA!

I can't not share some other pics of the kids, you know me!

This is the lovely sight I see every time I come up the stairs. You can see Sofi is visibly upset. When it comes close to bottles/solids & I leave, she gets a bit pissy.

Gabi was not going to nap yesterday morning in her crib so I eventually got her out, she played & then got fussy. I put her in the bouncy chair & this is what immediately happened. What am I going to do when they grow out of the bouncy chairs!?!

This is Ian's attempt at getting up on his knees. Either that or he wanted in his bouncy chair since the girls were in theirs, lol!


Norina said...

Zech did the same thing as Sofi! He was sitting, crawling, pulling up to standing, and cruising furniture all in the smae week! And at 6 months! I was sure he was going to take off running but here we are 8 months and he's not just yet :). So although it's a lot of milestones all at once you'll probably find you'll get to enjoy this phase at lesat for a little bit. I hear ya on it all going by so fast! (((hugs)))

Surviving Triplets said...

Uh, YA! Too, too fast! I'm so proud of your little man!

Meluch+3 said...

Sofi sounds like Aiden (our baby A by the way). He was kneeling and then 2 days later, he pulled himself up and 2 days later he is walking around furniture. This all happened in the last week!

And the bouncy chairs---don't know what we're going to do either!


Christa @ Quintooples said...

LOL! Our Baby A is the crazy one too! Laney is our only walker, and is SO dominant!!! Spitfire is a good word to describe her. :)

Good things to come! Today I celebrated as I packed away all of our bottles today! We have been using only sippy cups for a week, so it's time. :) I thought I would be sad about that....but I am SO excited! WOOHOO!!!!

These are my last babies, and I am sad that the baby stage is almost gone. :*)