Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our 9 month well baby...perfect timing!

Well, as it turns out, yesterday morning Ian had another seizure. This time it only lasted about 3-4 minutes so we didn't have to administer the meds. Thankfully we also had a dr's appt already set up for their well baby exam. Dr. Nguyen said that it is not uncommon to have another seizure w/i the same sickness & that his lethargic state was to be expected. She said that influenza A has been making its rounds in the Houston area & that many teens have had to be wheeled out of the office b/c they were so weak. That at least gave us a little bit of peace.

While she was checking him out, she also discovered that he had a double ear infection. Poor guy can't catch a break. Now he is on TAMIFLU & an antibiotic. About 4 hrs after giving him the antibiotics, you could see a big change. The flu & a double ear! On top of everything else, he is constipated.

Today he is doing 100 times better than in the past 6 days. He is actually quite alert & has been awake the way he normally is. Of course, I'm not letting him play but he is hanging out in the bouncy chair watching his sisters & me. I hope tomorrow is even better than today & that by Friday my little boy is somewhat normal again. Dr. Nguyen believes he will be.

Now, for the weights & heights of these precious babies!

Ian ~ 18 lbs (15%), 28.5 in (50%)
Sofi ~ 18 lb 13 oz (50%), 28.5 in (75%)
Gabi ~ 19 lb 12 oz (60%), 28.75 in (75-90%)

I was so worried that Ian would have lost weight but when we went in last Thursday, he weighed 17lb 15oz so he actually gained an ounce in all this that has happened to him. Thank God for little favors. Below is a picture of my little boy right as he was getting sick. He looks miserable.

I've been meaning to post these pics b/c it is a huge milestone! We no longer have to prop bottles for the babies. They are going solo.

I also want to give another big THANK YOU to Sheila for coming over to help & bringing yummy food. We are enjoying it!


* The Mom said...

Poor, poor little man!! I hope he feels better soon and is giving you a run for your money. LOL!!


Following Him said...

Poor Ian! Prayers for him to feel better soon!

Megan Jannise said...

I am so sorry he had another seizure! And the ear infection! Oh, boy! Poor little man!

But, their weights are great! Way to go Mama! And, they look so cute holding their own bottle! :-)


Little Mrs Sunshine said...

They are starting to REALLY look a lot like you! I am so sorry Ian has been sick. I hope he is feeling 100% better soon.

Little Mrs Sunshine said...

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you know the blank i'm sure if not email me at that is my spam mail but i will email you back from there with my real email address.

Im more then glad to help, but dont stress of worry (HUGS)