Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 Month Check Up

We went to the pedi today for our 2 mth check up. The kids are doing great! Their stats are...

Ian ~ 20.5", 8lb 7oz
Sofi ~ 21", 8lb 14oz
Gabi ~ 21", 9lb 3oz

My babies are all at least double what they weighed when they were born! I can't believe it. We had lots of questions that got answered. They are doing well w/ the amount they are eating. They were actually impressed that they were up to 4oz. She also stated that they are measured solely on their adjusted age so technically if they were only eating 2oz, she would have been happy. We are going to stay on the Enfamil Enfacare formula until they hit at least 4 mths which is our next check up. She could keep them on it until 6 mths but she is very happy w/ their progress as of right now. I asked her how much breast milk they should get for it to be effective & she said ANY breast milk is good. Out of their 7 bottles, they get 4 boobie milk ones so I think they are good for now. She also said not to expect them to eat much more at this point. 4oz is a good place to be. They may cut out another feeding but will make up for it the other feedings. Oh, Ian has also be dx w/ reflux. Since the Axid didn't do much for Sofi, both are being given Prevacid. Thank God! Hopefully feedings will go a bit easier for mommy from now on.

Now, we are having some head molding issues b/c of the lack of room they had while they were inside me. Gabi has it the worst by far & we are being referred to a specialist along w/ physical therapy b/c she has a condition called torticollis. It isn't a big deal but Gabi favors putting her head to 1 side which is causing the other side to tighten up. She can turn her head to the left but it takes effort. She may also need to wear a helmet b/c of the molding. The pedi said it is purely cosmetic & won't affect any brain development. WHEW! Honestly, I'm not worried b/c she is our advanced baby. Sofi & Ian have flat head to an extent & will now be sleeping on their sides.

Let's see, other than that they got their vaccines today. My babies barely cried! They couldn't believe how well behaved they were & how alert they were. I told them we had an eat/play/sleep cycle that we followed & both the pedi & nurse were very supportive of it. They said that it is good to put the babies on a schedule that they can rely on. It just so happens our visit fell in to the schedule quite well. We were back home for the 11am feeding w/ no issues.

Ok, that is my book for today!


Kerrie (Kat) Tankersley said...

I stop by often to read your updates. You are doing amazing! I baby sat my sister's 10 month old last Saturday and she wore me out in 3 hours!!! LOL...

Glad you guys are doing so well!

jhp1421 said...

Astrid - Hi, Jen here from TC. Hey, I just fished out some stuff that I had put aside to sell at the local multiples sale. I found my bottle proppers, they are awesome. And since I've enjoyed watching how you and Todd prop the babies all different ways I was wondering if you might want these. You can see them at They are called the "Milk Maid Bottle Holders" and I will gladly send them to you for free if you want to forward me your address. I'm not a weirdo, just another triplet Mommy who would love to "pay it forward". E-mail me at


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the trips are growing so well!! YAY!! and what no pictures this week?!?! LOL Thanks for sharing! I check in daily and am so happy for you guys! you are truely a Super momma!!!
Sarah (from JM)

Anonymous said...

I always am reading your blog! You and Todd are doing amazing with the babies!!! I just wanted to maybe suggest seeking a chiropractor who can adjust the babies. My nephew had torticollis and the chiro was able to straighten it out in a few sessions...

You're doing awesome though!!!

Tiff (from JM)

Jen said...

They are doing so great! The helmets are not too bad. All 3 of mine have them. It is rough, but gets better with the helmets!