Saturday, May 17, 2008

All about feeding the babies!

I thought it would be interesting for everyone to see how I prepare bottles & how Todd feeds the babies since I touched on that topic before. It is quite a circus when we are all in the room w/ the bottles & babies.

Let's start w/ bottle preparation. I pump every 3 hrs, after the babies eat & store the milk in the frig. I'm not pumping too much but not too little to quit either. I get a good 6 oz every time which gives the kids 2 oz of milk & 2 oz of formula. So, I get all the bottles out of the frig & line them up on the counter. The only time they don't get breast milk is for the 11pm feeding & that is b/c formula takes longer to digest & since we are trying to get them to drop the 2am feeding, this is what we do. Breast milk digests very quickly & we want them to stay full longer. I also line up the bottles in a diagonal. Why? B/c it is easier to pour everything in the bottle. So, the breast milk goes in first & then I go back & fill all the bottles w/ formula.

Then, the next step is to put all the parts together of the Dr. Brown bottles. I put the straw insert for all the bottles & then I go back & put the nipples on. Mind you, the kiddos are using 2 different nipples, yep...a pain in the ass but necessary for them to eat well. Gabi has graduated to a level 2 while Ian & Sofi are still using a level 1 nipple. That is why you see that 1 bottle of the 3 has a cap on it. That tells me & anyone else feeding the babies that bottle is for Gabi.

There are 24 bottles. We have a 2 story. How in the world do I get them up there? Well, I have a box that I have made in to a milk crate. I put 18 bottles in there & the other 6 are being carried by hand. I'm waiting for someone to give me a 6-pack of beer so I can use the holder for the remaining 6.

Where do they go upstairs? We have a mini-frig. I put the bottles in from left to right in chronological order so everyone knows what set of bottles to get. We always take the bottles out about 15-30 minutes before to take the chill out. From there, they get put in the bottle warmer which all sits on top of the mini-frig. We also have some premade formula in the little basket in case the kids want more than their 4 oz.

On to the feedings. I am very methodical about it as you have seen in the picture I have posted before. Todd, on the other hand, is all about comfort. Here are some pictures of his unconventional feeding techniques minus the hat method in which he used a koozie that he sewed on to the bill of a baseball hat & then leaned over to feed the baby. Yes, that is true!


Amanda said...

We were never allowed to mix breast milk and formula in the same bottle. It sure would have made my life easier had I been able to! We had to do separate bottles for each, which doubled the amount of prep work! So I guess it could always be worse for you. :)

Kris said...

Very cool to see how orgazined you are! I hope that things continue to go well and before you know it those middle of the night feeds will be gone! YEAH!!!

p.s. would love to see a pic of Todd's unconventional kozie feeding

Cindy & Brian said...

OHMYGOSH, this is all too familiar! We too have the mini-fridge drill. I finally got two more bottle warmers so that I can warm all three at the same time.
I need to get a box to carry it all in once the bottles are made. Good idea!
Isn't it great how coming up with a system really makes things more manageable?! Great job mamma!

Kelly said...

Hi there! I just found your blog today! Man, those pics bring back so many memories!! We used a crock pot to heat our bottles cuz they'd fit in there three at a time. I'm really glad we are out of that phase! I don't miss those sleepless nights. Your babies are just too dang adorable. We have an Ian too!

4boys4me said...

Found your blog today, I have 20month old trips.. BBB and a 3 year old boy. They are beautiful! The pictures look all too familiar with all the bottles! LOL. Good luck momma! keep in touch if u want to trade stories or laugh about our days!