Monday, May 26, 2008

What a long 10 days!

Sorry that I haven't posted in quite some time! This past week has been crazy! We have encountered many stressful situations & have been trying to get through them. Let me just start w/ a funny one. Ok, it isn't that funny but we had to laugh.

We had a dr's appt on Friday. I knew it was going to be tough b/c the appt was at 8:30am but we picked that time b/c the parking lot would be empty & it wouldn't be hot outside. The only bad thing is that the kids eat around 8am so that meant feeding them a bit early which of course didn't work out. I got Gabi fed, Ian partially fed & poor Sofi was the odd man out. We decided to feed her at the dr's office. We manage to get out the door & to the office on time. I go to sign them in & they have Gabi's name spelled wrong. Not that it mattered b/c they couldn't find us in the computer as having an appt that day. Yep, you read right. I told them I could have sworn the card they gave me said the 23rd. Well, sure enough I found the card. The date was the 29th. I asked if they could fit us in b/c getting 3 babies out the door & on time is a huge task but they said they couldn't b/c the kids weren't 2 mths yet & they were due for their vaccines. So I looked at the ladies & said we had a good practice run. Then I had to tell Todd. Oddly enough, he said the exact same thing to me. Thank God my husband has a good sense of humor! We both laughed & left the office.

Then, we found out today that a close friend of ours was in a serious car accident. Actually Monty, Stephanie & their son Fallon were together. Monty & Fallon made out w/ only a few scratches but Stephanie did not. She was life flighted to a hospital in Austin w/ serious head injuries. We know that she has a broken arm & leg also. They have drilled holes in her head to relieve the pressure. She is expected to pull through but we are not sure whether she has incurred any brain damage as of yet. Please keep the family in your prayers. They also have a daughter, Taylor, who was not with them at the time.

Ok, enough sadness! Goodness...let's see some interesting pics that I have been able to snap in the past week.

These 2 are from a midnight feeding. Yep, another bottle propping method being used! The only problem w/ propping is that normally the kids only cooperate 2, maybe 3 times & then it is time to find a new way to do it.

This picture is hilarious! When Gabi gets hungry, she roots like crazy. The problem is that we have to wait for the bottle to get warm so we play this little game. Normally we call them "mommy kisses" b/c I'll kiss her & she'll try to latch on to my lips. Well, this time she found my nose!

These 2 are of Gabi right after she has had some boobie. We like to refer to her being "milk drunk" b/c she is totally relaxed & gets this really silly look on her face. She only does it when she breastfeeds too. It is the strangest thing but always gives us a good laugh!

Last but not least. This is me in Super Mommy mode. I can feed & comfort 2 babies at 1 time!

Well, I'm signing off. It is almost 1am & I have to wrap up pumping & get my 6 hrs of sleep. I can't wait for them to start sleeping through the night!


jandswood said...

Your babies are so beautiful! thanks for sharing with us!
I think we all have days where we think our appointment is one day and come to find it isn't!
Thinking of you all often!
Sarah (jandswood from JM)

* Mommy said...

You are my Hero. :) You truly are an amazing Mommy and Woman. Keep up the good work!!!

Nina (JM)

p.s.~ Your kids are so darn cute, they make me wanna burst!