Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mastitis AGAIN & growth spurts!

Yeah, you read right. How come I am the one that has to experience everything? Come on! TWICE? Give me a break! I don't like my boob being all sore & red. Thankfully I was smart enough to figure out it was happening early on & got to Dr. Adam for meds quickly. Speaking of Dr. Adam...we had a wonderful visit even though I was going to get treated for this darn thing again. She was telling me about how well I did throughout the pgcy & that it was a pleasure working w/ me. I told her that I think of her often & actually miss seeing her. She is the most wonderful peri I know. She helped give us healthy babies & for that, I am forever greatful. She told me that I didn't have to come in here w/ mastitis to see her & that we needed to have coffee one morning together. I'm dead set on that happening when the trips get a bit older & I can leave them alone for a bit. I also gave her a picture, the one of me holding the trips that I posted in a previous post & she put it in her office under the glass on her desk. I wanted to cry. We gave each other a huge hug! I know there were many times that I came home crying b/c of what she told me but she really was looking out for the best interest of me & the babes. I strongly feel that her aggressive methods of treatment kept me going as long as I did. She knows her stuff & I wouldn't doubt for one minute what she decided was best for my treatment. Dr. Adam...I LOVE YOU!

Now, for the kids. They are about 6 1/2 weeks. Tuesday was their original due date, May 13th. Seems like they decided it was time for a growth spurt which is what I understand to be normal right around this time. I am not kidding you, they have eaten up to 6 oz of milk/formula in a sitting at least twice a day for the past 3 days! I am filling their bottles w/ about 2 1/2 oz of breast milk & 1 1/2 oz of formula & they often need more but I am not ready to make the jump to a 4 1/2 to 5 oz bottle. I would say that about 4 of the 8 feedings, they finish their 4 oz in the 30 minute time limit. Yes, they have a time limit. Could you imagine feeding 3 babies at their leisure? HELL NO! Don't worry, they get their fill. We don't let them go hungry.

Back to the growth spurts. Boy, do they eat! I'm serious. We have also had to sneak in a snack between feedings b/c they get hungry. That is fine by me b/c I understand they are growing & it is obvious b/c they are getting HUGE! I just hope it doesn't last much longer. It is tough to hear them cry or to see them hungry so often. I know they are just as frustrated, poor dears! I just want them to be happy.

Here is a picture of the munchkins. You can see that Sofi & Gabi are starting to look more alike. I confirmed w/ Dr. Adam that they are indeed identical b/c they shared 1 placenta. I had only 2 placentas so there is no doubt or question about it!


Shannon said...

Ack, sorry about the mastitis.

You are right the kiddos do look like they have grown quite a bit! But they still look so small and cute in that pic. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder, if you did give them more at feedings (4.5 or 5oz like you said) then maybe they wouldn't need to snack because they would be more full? It might mean longer feedings, but then more free time between them.

Addie said...

Hey Astrid!
I have one thing that I can't seem to figure do you have time to make your bed? I have one baby and don't always have time to do it, let alone 3 babies!! LOL
You are AMAZING!! Sounds like everything is just going wonderful. You have such a great attitude and schedule!!

I love reading this every time you update it!! Thanks for letting all of us in to see your daily life and keeping us updated!