Monday, June 2, 2008

Spitting Image!

Can they look any more alike? Seriously! Todd has always said that if we were to have a girl that they had to look like me. HA! Well, look what happened? Sofi looks EXACTLY like him! Now, if you put Gabi next to him, she resembles him BUT not anything like Sofi & they are IDENTICAL. I'm waiting to see how they will look in a few more months when their heads have had a chance to shape up.

I know I didn't include pics in the last post & was told this. Sorry! I'm including a bunch this time w/ captions to make up for it. As far as everything else, we are truckin' right along. We now have another new schedule. It took me about a week to adjust to it but now that I have, I am much better rested. This is our latest eating schedule, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, midnight-ish, 4-5ish am. I may have also mentioned this before but they get expressed breast milk (pumped milk) during the 8, 11, 2, & 5 feedings during the day. At night they get formula. No particular reason except I only pump enough to give each of them 4 4 oz bottles a day & rather than go every other bottle, I thought it would be more consistent to go 4 EBM bottles then 3 formula bottles. Since formula is known to take longer to digest, we decided to go ahead & do those at night. I'm not too sure about all that b/c they were already stretching their night feedings before we went to strictly formula.

Other than that, my life seems to be a cycle of feeding & pumping, feeding & pumping. Seriously, by the time I finish feeding the kids, I go downstairs, get my pump parts & then pump for 30 min. By the time I am finsihed pumping, putting the milk up, I have about 45 minutes to do stuff. Quite a few times, I have to run back upstairs for Paci Patrol. Yep, that means going up to stick a paci in someone's mouth. For instance, Sofi HAS to have her paci & if she wakes up w/o it in her mouth, she lets me know. What have I done???? This makes it almost impossible to get any kind of project or chore started that doesn't take longer than 5 minutes to complete. Eh, it is ok though. I've resigned myself to this fact & realize that this is only temporary. We will be on to the next phase before you know it & I'll still not have enough time to do what I need to, lol!

This is Gabi having a blast under the playmat. She is obviously enjoying it!

Here we have sweet Ianchito right after a bath w/ his hair standing up straight. I love this picture!

Well, we can clearly see that when Sofi is formula fed, she is not a happy camper! I guess she wanted to tell me where to shove it, LOL!


Melissa said...

What a beautiful family you have!

I am expecting triplets as well (due Dec. 14) and love reading your blog.

Taking care of three babies seemes like a terrifying prospect until you read blogs of mom's who are doing it sucessfully.

Thanks for taking the time to write! I am sure I am not the only soon to be mother of three that will stumble across it and get inspiration. :-)

Kris said...

Hi, I love the new pics! Todd and Sofi look sooo content and I adore Ian's hair. Glad to hear that things are going well.

ccdean said...

They are BEAUTIFUL. You go girl with the pumping. I lasted only 3 months...keep up the hard work.

Julie Konchar said...

I thought she looked just like him, since the first picture you ever posted, when they were just born! And I don't even know you guys! Yes, pictures are a must, every post.

Anonymous said...

Wow she does look just like her daddy!! Cute pictures!! =)

Anonymous said...

That is why I was very careful to not let my kids get attached to their pacis. I hate them. I hate older children with them. I had no intention of playing the paci game and interrupting my life and sleep every 5 minutes. We used pacis sparingly and they were gone by 6 months. Seriously, if you don't want to be doing this forever nip it in the bud now.

The kids are beautiful. I love the shot of your DS with his hair sticking up.

Anonymous said...

What a great mama you are!!! Your children are gorgeous! Incredible how fast they grow! :)

Sarah said...

As odd as this sounds, I think Gabi and IAN look so much alike, and the girls look nothing alike! I think you should definitely have genetic testing done. I seriously think Gabi and Ian might be the rare "semi-identical" twins. Or maybe the girls' placentas fused. Who knows. But they really don't look identical!

Seanaci said...

Awww...they are just precious!

I love the pic of Ian after his bath. :D Babies with mohawks or hair that sticks up like that after a bath are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

And I think it is Sofi and Ian that look alike, Sarah! Medically it is important to know if there are any identical siblings, so I would also definitely recommend DNA testing. A little on-line investigation into medical journals will tell you most doctors wouldn't feel comfortable diagnosing zygosity just by looking at the placentas. Monozygotic can have two separate, and dyzygotic can have one that is actually two fused together. And IVF actually increases the chances for placental differences. Fascinating stuff!
But what isn't up for debate is how cute these kids are. They are beautiful and maybe it just doesn't come out in the pictures but their heads look perfect to me!

Leslie said...

I have to agree...Ian and Sofi look more alike to me. Gabi is totally different. They are all cute, though! :)