Saturday, June 28, 2008

They did it!

The kids did it! I'm so proud! They finally slept what we consider "through the night". WWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! They get their last bottle around 7:30-8:00 & normally wake back up somewhere between 1-3am for another mini bottle, only 3 oz. Well, last night I woke up at 3am b/c my boobs were killing me & I realized it was 3am already & the kids hadn't said a peep! Normally, when I think that, they don't let me down & start to squawk. I woke Todd up & asked if he fed the babies & he said no. I couldn't believe it! This was the longest they had gone. Well, I went upstairs to pump & I was just waiting & waiting for them to start saying that they wanted their bottles. Then Todd comes up & says he is awake. OOPS! He has problems going back to sleep so he said he would wait for them to wake up.

Well, I went back to bed after pumping. When I woke up again at 7:30am (oh boy, is it nice to sleep in), I went upstairs to ask Todd how long they lasted. He told me that they didn't have their bottles until 4:30am & I just about FELL OUT! No way! Someone snatched my babies & replaced them w/ other babies. HOLY SHMOLY! I sat their in awe. Am I the only parent that reacted this way or am I just crazy?

It was even better than I expected b/c at 7:30am they were still asleep from the 4:30 bottle which was only 3 oz. WOWSA! If they could just hold on to 8am, our schedule wouldn't have to change from what it has been during the week. Well, surprise, surprise...guess who didn't need to get their bottles until 8am? OUR BABIES! So, we are right on track. I can handle this 8pm to 8am schedule since Todd would be doing the 4:30am feeding. That would be AWESOME for mommy! I could get some REAL sleep minus the fact that I would HAVE to get up & pump. Sorry, the boobs would explode! Going 6 hrs is long enough! Even w/ that, I still would get 2 good chunks of sleep. I can handle that any day of the week. Shoot, I would have enough energy all day long, maybe even enough to cook dinner!

So, what is in store next? Well, we will see. Hopefully not too long from now, they will go ahead & sleep the 12 hrs between 8pm & 8am although I don't think that will happen for another month or so.


Julie Konchar said...

You are on your way now! I can vividly remember the first day my twins slept long enough for me to get five consecutive hours of sleep--and I felt like I could run a marathon that day! Seriously, I can't remember ever feeling so well-rested. This is what you have put in all those looooong days and nights for. The schedule is a beautiful thing. Keep it up! And maybe it is because I didn't pump more than two months, but I never woke up and pumped for a "feeding" my kids didn't participate in. I know what you mean about the painful engorgement, but you should be able to wean your body from that 3:00 am pumping. Pump a shorter amount of time each night for a few nights until the milk is no longer ready at that time. This is what you would be doing if you were breastfeeding one baby (not pumping) and were trying to get rid of that feeding. Boobs are amazing that way! If you don't pump it, they wont produce it! Just make the pumping sessions during the day longer to make up for the missing night feeding.
Keep up the schedule, and keep posting pics of those cute kids!

*Fiona* said...

That's fantastic!! I bet you really enjoyed that sleep!!!

Kerrie (Kat) Tankersley said...

Awww, they are growing up so fast already! Congrats to you on your first full night as a mommy of trips! Way to go!

Kat T.