Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where did the time go?????

HELP! I can't find time! Does anyone know where he went? I need more of it! Seriously...has it really been that long since I last posted? I can't believe it. Seems like I posted yesterday but it has actually been 9 days, ACK!

Well, besides feeding, changing diapers & pumping, not much has changed. My mom has been around for the past 2 wks b/c she decided not to teach summer school so she could come over during the day to help me. It has been great having her around not b/c she is helping me w/ the babies but more b/c we are getting to spend some quality time together. I'm sad that she is going to Colorado in a week & will be there until the end of July. Part of me wants to go b/c I know the weather is beautiful & b/c I want to spend that time w/ my parents. One day soon...maybe not next summer but the 1 after that.

Todd & I went out to dinner for the 1st time in almost 3 mths. The last time we went out was the night before the girls came home. WOW! It seems like so long ago. We went to a Mexican restaurant 2 minutes from the house. Yeah, we are 1st time parents & didn't want to go far. Todd's parents stayed w/ the babies. They all got baths while we were gone. I think we need to go out more often so we have some alone time b/c we just can't get much of that here at home. For those of you w/ trips, you understand what I mean as well as any other parents out there w/ 2 or more babies at home. It seems by the time I get in bed Todd is asleep & when he wakes up, I have just fallen back asleep after th 2am feeding/pumping session. Rarely do we have a moment together & alone. That is something I definitely didn't think about when we got pregnant. Time becomes something very sought after.

The kids are doing beautifully. We celebrated our 1st Father's Day w/ a picture session just for dad. I had the pictures printed & put in to a frame.

Developmentally speaking, they are all smiling responsively, cooing, & even laughing. Their neck strength is good enough to put them in to a Bumbo seat for a short amount of time. They are holding their heads up during tummy time. They have come alive & are really starting to notice so many things. Gabi loves to watch the TV, a habit that I hope is not becoming permanent. I think it is the flash of colors. They are also growing like weeds. I can't believe how chubby they are getting! Time has gotten away from us!

Sofia holding her head up during tummy time.

Gabi smiling while in her bouncy seat.

Ianchito taking a little nap on me.

Todd & I are holding up. We still have some rough days where both of us are tired but for the most part, we have gotten through what I think is the worst part of the whole triplet experience & that is the 1st 10-12 weeks. Seriously, I can honestly say that I hardly remember the month of April & have a vague recollection of the month of May. I don't know how we made it through those 2 mths. I'm not joking. I was way more than exhausted. We snapped at each other for the littlest things. Not so much anymore. The kids sleeping that 6-7 hr chunk of time has helped both of us w/ the whole sleep deprivation issue which can start a series of unfortunate events. For those of you about to have triplets, be strong for 1 another b/c it is stressful. No doubt about it. Don't get me wrong, we adore our babies, love them to pieces but there is an adjustment period & you ask yourself, "What have I gotten in to?" You may "think" you are prepared to care for 3 infants but trust me when I say that there is nothing that can prepare you for the roller coaster ride ahead.

We made it through the toughest part, now comes the rest.


Kerrie (Kat) Tankersley said...

Glad to hear an update from you Astrid. Sounds like things are going very well.

Amanda said...

I love seeing pictures of the babies! It's so much fun to watch them grow. If you haven't already, get a Baby Einstein video. They'll LOVE it, especially Gabi.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I am expecting triplets, still early (11 weeks), but reading your blog gives me an idea of what to look forward :) [And :(((]

Also have a 2.5 year old that's very active so it's going to be an interesting experience with all 4.

Still working full time but even at 11-weeks I feel way more tired than with single pregnancy. Not sure how much longer I can be here for 8-10 hours/day.

Congratulations on your 3 beautiful trips!!! You have a wonderful husband, very helpful and understanding.


Jen Panunzio said...

Hi! Your babies are adorable! I have 6 month old triplets...2 girls and a boy too!! I remember other triplet moms telling me that the first couple months are rough but it gets better. It was hard to believe them at the time but it is true! It is still crazy but once they start sleeping a good chunk of time at night it makes such a difference!! And you are right, it is so stressful at times....definitely worth it but some days are a struggle! Glad to have found you on here so we can exchange stories! Take Care!!

Marla said...

They are so adorable, Astrid! It's wonderful to see them doing so well. Take care!!

Norina said...

Astrid, I really admire you and Todd. We only have one newborn here and I can't tell you how much I can relate to what you're saying so i can't even begin to imagine the stress of haivng 3! Thanks for taking time to share your experiences. It helps even a 1 infant mommy like me to hear that I am not alone in my thoughts/actions sometimes. Love you and those 3 little munchkins.

Stacey said...

Thanks for your advice. I am 8 weeks pregnancy with spontaneously conceived triplets and freaking out... your blog is making me feel better!