Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture Perfect Day?

Only time will tell.
The photo shoot this morning took all of 20 minutes.

Yes. 20.

Either the photographer got mad skillz & got the perfect pics in a record amount of time.

the kids ran her ragged!

I think it is the latter of the 2.
We will see when we get the CD of pics.
Until then, feast your eyes on the pics I took of my trio in their super cute outfits made by?

You guessed it!
Their MOMMA!
And that includes the headbands.

Here is the whole crew together.

The Beatles Abby Road...reenacted.

Miss Sofi...although looks very serious, was having a blast!

My 2 favorite boys in the whole wide world!

My handsome blue-eyed boy!

My sweet Gabi.


The Luchettas said...

I have to have those bows!!! They are adorable!! Are you planning on making them and selling them on your website? Please??

Brittanie said...

You have such gorgeous kids. But of course you already know that. lol

Surviving Triplets said...

Yes ma'am...I can custom make you a few ;). They are on headbands.

The Luchettas said...

I would love that!!! I may wear one of the headbands myself!!! Let me know how you want me to order them!!