Monday, October 11, 2010

Being Triplets

My kids can love each other.
Or hate each other.
It is most definitely a roller coaster ride on most days.

But when the going is good,
it is really good.

I love how they all sit really close together.
It makes me smile.

They sat this way for well over 30 minutes.
And ignore the Diet Pepsi in Sofi's hand.
She was "pretend" drinking it.
They all love to "pretend" drink Mommy's Diet Pepsi.

Go figure.

And please forgive me for my blogging absence.
My little business has gotten a tad bit bigger.
Halloween seems to be an extremely busy time of year. me!


Brittanie said...

After sharing one womb and being all squished together, who can blame them for sitting so close? I love how Sofi is crossing her feet. SO cute!

Susan said...

Amen! Sofi & Ian look almost identical in that first picture glaring over at you :)