Monday, October 4, 2010

Boats, Bubbles & Beyond!

The weather here is fabulous.
It is never this beautiful for this long.
Because it is irresistible,
we have spent countless hours outside playing.

Not just in our backyard.
In our neighbors' yards.

We've even been practicing to cross the street.

But best of all, we have been playing in Neighbor Rich's boat.
Oh have the kids loved the boat.
They've climbed in it.
Drove it.
Honked the horn in it.
Put the radio on & jammed in it.
Figured out how to put the engine blower on in it.

You name it,
they've done it.

And I can't forget to mention Ian's new obsession w/ real cars.
Especially nice, fast cars.
2 days in a row he sat in the car & played.

Rich showing the kids how to use the water hose.
That meant wet kids.
Very wet.

Gabi loved playing in her big bucket of bubbles.

So did Ian!

Ian finally figured out how to work the hose.
Only problem, he kept squirting himself in the face!

Did I mention we washed the boat?

And after all that fun,
the kids were EXHAUSTED.
So were we.

Fabulous weather = time outdoors.
(Notice I was actually in some pics...thanks Kathye!)


Jennifer said...

It is just so awesome that they're big enough for you to be able to do stuff with them! Even simply being outdoors, it wasn't all that long ago that they were young and you were nervous about that.

Miranda said...

Loving the photos, the smiles are priceless! What fun and so lucky to have such awesome neighbours! The weather is picking up here too, Zeke & I are having a blast in the finally warm sunshine. Best part is he sleeps SO much better :)

Sheila said...

And today, they can tell me all about it!

Susan said...

Amazing how much fun a bucket of soapy water is! Great pics!