Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally, a GRRRRREAT family picture!

It wasn't planned.
But then, what is w/ triplets.
We were all geared up for UT game day.

Yes, we know they lost.


But anywho.
The morning was beautiful.
The kids wanted to go for a walk.
And while we were on the way out,
our favorite neighbor, Jane, came out.

She offered to take some pics.
She's pretty good w/ a camera.
To the point where I sometimes question whether we should ever pay for pics again.
But then, she doesn't edit them.

S'pose I could find someone to do that.
Or me.
But I already have enough on my plate.
(oh i ever have enough on my plate)

And this is what Neighbor Jane caught...

(for any triplet + mommy out there, you know this is true)

I've been waiting a long time to get a good family pic.
This is it.

And if the professional photog can't get a better pic,
this will be our Christmas card.



Angela said...

That IS a really good picture. Hook 'em horns!

Susan said...

Love it! Yes, sooooo hard to get 3 little ones even looking in the same direction, but all of yours even managed smiles!

Renee said...

very cute! love it

Carrie said...

Pictures are very hard to get, especially of the whole family! This is a precious photo!!! Can't wait till my husband comes home so we can get a family photo, with my kiddos wearing your marvelous creations!!!

Megan said...


Mama Gorka said...

LOVE IT!! I can totally agree with you why you are estatic to get a good family picture. We only have one when my triplets were 3 months old and that's because they were asleep haha! Try adding a 4 year old to the mix to get a good picture! Near impossible.

Richele said...

every single one looking at the camera. at the same time. and smiling. awesome!

Seanaci said...

Great pictures! Such a beautiful family!! :)