Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Over here in these parts, spring has officially arrived. The trees are blooming & growing new leaves. The pollen is in the air giving everything a nice, yellow coating (ok, it really isn't nice). The weather is beautiful & perfect for spending time outside.

And that is exactly what we have been doing. I take the kids out once or twice a day for about 1-2 hours. We are working on our supply of outdoor toys & are looking forward to some of their b-day presents as we know they will provide hours upon hours of fun. A mommy can hope for this, right?

Grandma Donna got a really good deal on this glider at Christmas time & I think the kids will enjoy sitting in it & making tents. Great place to cool off!

And then we have the really cool picnic table by Step 2 that Abu bought for the kids. Since Gabi LOVES to color while she is outside, this is going to be the perfect addition to the backyard. I also plan on picnic lunches as well as some fun, messy crafts.

We do need some recommendations though. I would love a glider for the swing set as well as a slide for it. We have an oldy but goody. It came w/ the house & as we were struggling to get pregnant, all we dreamed about was having kids climb all over that darn thing! The problem is we don't know where to get a slide for it. Anyone out there know where to get one, reasonably priced?

We are also looking for some water toys. Not sure we want a baby pool as it has to withstand 3 toddlers. Maybe some cool sprinkler or something. Not sure yet.

Here are some of the pretty blooms on a couple of our trees in front of the house. I love being able to play w/ my camera!

And the pretty walking irises.


Susan said...

Spring has sprung indeed! We'll have to get together soon for an outdoor playdate!

Anonymous said...

Get your husband something to nap on. A cooler close by would also be nice.

Erin said...

home depot and lowe's sell slides! i think the best bet as far as a kiddie pool..the plastic kind they sell at wal~mart! the inflatable ones never last~ trust me! we have bought every kind..the plastic ones are the best! do your kids have little ride on toys? step 2 had a motorcycle that has lasted through 3 boys and still going strong. they also have other ones. no pedal since that comes later for 2 yr. olds! hope ya'll are having a great tuesday!

much love and blessings from ga~erin

Amanda said...

Sandbox, or at least a sand and water table. We got the Step 2 one that matches your picnic table and the kids are in heaven. Messy, but so much fun. We'd have gotten a big sandbox but our yard is small.

Brittanie said...

It's snowing has I read this. Bah. lol

You're making me really want a back yard of my own! I think the sand box idea is a good one, though it has the potential for horrid messes.

Good luck with finding the swing set stuff!

Surviving Triplets said...

Oh, we have the matching sand/water table already. That is why I got that specific picnic table, so we had the set, LOL! They love it!

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