Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miss Layla Grace

I'm not one to blog about other people or other people's kids but today I am. My heart hurts today for the Marsh family. They lost their precious 2 year old little girl, Layla Grace, to Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

I don't know that the parents can truly understand the extent in which Miss Layla Grace has touched people's lives. I went to bed last night crying, thinking about what the March family has endured in the past year but especially in the past 6 weeks & I start to cry again.

She leaves behind 2 sisters, Jenna (9) & Claire(3), just as beautiful as her. Both have a long road ahead of them & their parents need all the strength the world can give them.

Please pray.

Pray for healing & peace & understanding.

Pray that this family only becomes stronger through this challenge.

May Miss Layla Grace play with the angels in her beautifully restored & perfect body.



Em. said...

My heart can't help but break for them. I was that older sister to a brother taken by neuroblastoma in 1988 (he was almost 2). He left behind an identical twin (and me) and a thousand questions about what might have been. I know the road they're walking, and I'll be praying for them.

Shely said...

I heard about Layla on Facebook and read her blog. The whole situation is absolutely heart wrenching. To go from the cancer being gone to your daughter being gone in a matter of 2 months... it makes me sick to even think about. The family will remain in my prayers.

Kimberly said...

I was following her story also! how sad. I will be praying for that family!

Servant of the Most High said...

With GOD our each day will be joyful and cheerful..... no matter whatever circumstances we could be going through.

This blog will be surely a blessing for you..

Have a blessed reading.

God bless you.

Erin said...

i found layla grace the other week through another blog..toddler, tweens, and in~betweens my heart breaks for their loss of layla. but what an awesome testiomy they have through layla grace...amazing family and esp. an amazing little girl. i have been squeezin my babies a little tighter and longer these days.. much love and blessings from ga~erin