Saturday, March 6, 2010

The "BIG KID" Park

Yes, I did. I finally got the courage up & instead of just walking around the "BIG KID" park, I actually let the monsters actually get out of their wagon &...



Now, before I toot my horn too much, I was kinda encouraged by another subdivision mom, Valerie. She left a message on my Facebook page telling me she was taking her kids to the park (3 & 5 yrs old) & to meet her there. I responded that I would walk up there w/ the kids & say hi but in all likelihood, they would stay in their wagon.

You see, the "BIG KID" park has no fence. It is next to the major road that runs through our subdivision. It scares me. Um, let me restate that. It TERRIFIES me.

The funny thing, I use to not be scared of anything. Nothing. I would try at least once & then form an opinion. Not so much anymore. I'm tired of pushing that limit & well, I'm just a big wuss now days. No shame in that.

BUT, I have to find balance. So, when we got to the park & saw that it was only Valerie w/ Brooke & Logan & another family, I decided to let them out. Go be one with the sand, my children! And, thanks to Valerie, it was extremely manageable. I probably could have managed by myself but there was a time or 2 that Miss Gabs decided to run for the hills. Um, so no real hills but you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, nope, no shots of our 1st time at the "BIG KID" park. Sorry. I knew I was going to stress anyway so what's the point? Right?

Can I also mention that b/c we have been pretty locked down for these 1st 2 years, I didn't realize there is a "code of safety" when you are in a kid friendly environment. I didn't realize that even if I didn't know that parent, they would grab my kid before they bought a piece of the sandbox. Thanks to that dad! It was nice. Makes me want to go back.

Geez, I almost feel normal. *GASP*


Susan said...

I'm scared of the big kid park too. My kids can't even listen to me in the backyard so it will be a long time before we attempt something like that. Good job momma!!

Adi said...

Sometimes the whole "helping keep an eye on the kids" thing can get annoying though, so watch out. i have people hover over marcus all the time because he looks too little to be doing certain things that he's done a million times and they're flabbergasted that I"m not spotting him.

Anonymous said...

Thats right, someone is always around to help out if you let them. You should definitely take them to the big kid park. If your kids listen to you then they should not wander away, you are the one in charge.

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