Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Today I am 35. Yep, I'm sayin' it out loud & proud! Not only that, but I spent my 1st night away from the kids. That would be 2 years here at home w/ them & only missing a couple of night of putting them to bed until Saturday when I was not here to put them to bed or to wake up them up. Luckily, we all survived although Ian seems extremely clingy today, esp if I leave the room or walk outside for a split second.

Us hittin' the road!

We left Saturday around 1pm, checked in to our B&B room just to find out they don't serve breakfast. What is a B&B w/o breakfast? Silly, don't you think? The cool thing was we were in the middle of all the action, & only 1/2 a block away from good eats & a couple of bars, which is where we headed after we put our things in the room, to a bar.

Funny thing is we walked right in on some biker gang meeting. We almost walked back out but one of the guys told us to come in & that they were finishing up. Unfortunately, Todd had to walk across the whole gang to the ATM machine. I held my breath (ok, kidding, not really holding my breath). We hung out on the patio & soaked up some sun and just relaxed.

Jeff thought it would be fun to buy me a tank top from the bar so I changed in to it.

It was really a beautiful day so we hung out there until about 5:45 when I needed to get back to our room to get my hair lookin' all 80's. Then I had a mini-photo session. Todd was getting ready so our friend Jeff took these.

We got to the boat w/ some time to spare so we waited & watched for other
80 goers. There were only a handful. One was this chick & her hubby. He dressed like Don Johnson in his Miami Vice days. HILARIOUS!

The dinner cruise was a blast! I loved dancing to all the 80's music. Seems as though I knew every word to every song. The food was decent, nothing I would write home about but it put something in our tummies. A BIG thank you to Donna for setting up the cruise & the birthday package! We had a blast.

So, for our first overnight trip, things couldn't have gone better. Grandma Donna & Papap took great care of the kids & even did our laundry! Another thank you for that! I can see us sneaking away a couple of times a year for some alone time.

Oh, the best part, I woke up this morning & in place of my old, rickety laptop was a pretty, wide screen, HD, w/ a web cam spankin' new laptop! Did I say how much I love my hubby?!? Thank you honey! I heart my new laptop & you for a wonderful weekend!


Samantha said...

Great pics Astrid! I too have not left the kids yet. Sounds like you had tons of fun!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time!

Family of 5 said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had fun! :)

Susan said...

Happy birthday!! Love the BIG hair!