Monday, March 29, 2010

More Camera Fun

These pics were all taken in the past few days. We have been spending much of the days outside as the weather is absolutely beautiful. Not too hot or sticky yet. Once that hits, we will have limited time outside, like only first thing in the morning! The kids love it out there & so do I.

Honestly, I'm amazed at how well they do out there. This time last year, I wouldn't have dreamed of going outside w/ the kids, let alone by myself! They are getting so manageable & that gives me confidence. For example, we took our 1st sidewalk walk yesterday. No harnesses, no strollers. Just the 3 kids, myself & Miss Jane (thank God we have such wonderful neighbors). It was unintentional as they had an opportunity to get out of the gate (another neighbor bringing a garden snake for us to check out) & I went w/ it. Miss Jane saw us out & came to help. They did wonderfully! There was only 1 incident of trying to go to the street. I guess all those walks taught the kids that they sidewalk is where they are 'suppose' to walk, huh?

**Notice the kids on the 'big kid' swings?!? Awesome!**

Miss Sofia & all her glory. She is quite the athletic, agile one. I'm thinking cheerleader & volleyball. Just a prediction.

Miss Gabriella, trying her hardest to be a bit more athletic. She is still our chub-chubs but has started becoming more active. She loves hanging out w/ Kay-Kay. Seriously, she is her 'bes-fren, bes-fren'. Translation, best friend.

Mr. Ian Giovanni, always the charmer. Always. He loves to swing on the 'big kid' swing & has really taken interest in learning how to hang on those rings.

Life is good. I can't complain, at all. Did I mention that I heart our backyard? Well, I do.


Texas Gal said...

Can't get any of the pics to load for some reason - I'll be back later to check them out. I heart our back yard too - until the heat comes!

Asher & Noah's Mommy said...

Can I just say that you and Todd made the cutest EVER!!! And it's sad to say but they look way older than 2?!?!?! What happened to those teeny tiny little babies you posted pics of yesterday (or so it seems!)

I love you guys!! And I want to bring my kiddos to play in your backyard <3

Surviving Triplets said...

Um, you BETTER bring Brewer & ???? to play in our backyard! And, yeah. Where did those teeny, tiny babies go?

Tonya said...

Looks like they are having a blast out there! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Brittanie said...

I sometimes look at my own kids and wonder who took my babies and put these grownup kids in their places. It's moreso with yours because I don't see them every day. lol I agree, they're adorable!

ZanyMominTX said...

Wow! I can't believe how much or how fast your kids have grown! They look great. MC and I need to come play sometime soon.