Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Cuddles

There is nothing better
than having dinner in Daddy's lap.

Don't you think?

This is what we call "sick privileges".
Yes, sick.

But that is the way the cookie crumbs.
Everyone got our 1st summer cold.
We all suffered.
Them b/c they couldn't sleep well.
Daddy & I b/c we could sleep well
since they weren't sleeping well.

And, to boot, rashes accompanied
the virus we caught.
Ian & Gabi had a raised rash
pretty much throughout their body.

Oddly enough, it was confined to the
legs/arms, torso & a bit on their face.
Their little bums got away scott free!

And Sofi ended up with her 1st cold sore.
Poor kids...

Just to think, it will get worse
when they attend school.

God help us.

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