Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day & Happy Birthday Daddy!

We had a 1-2 combo this week!
Sunday was Father's Day.
Today is my beloved's birthday.

It all started w/ breakfast in bed.
I made sausage gravy w/ biscuits,
scrambled eggs, & sausage on the side.

To boot, a brand new Starbuck's coffe mug
cuz those are the bomb diggity,
filled w/ a cafe mocha, no fat, no whip.
That's how we roll in this here house!

He even shared his specialness w/ the kids.
They ate breakfast w/ Daddy,
in the bedroom and on the bed.

Ian just cracks me up.
That boy, I'm tellin' ya.
He has stolen my heart.

But if that isn't cute enough,
check out the major cuddles Sofi gave her Daddy.

There is something very sweet about this photo.

And I wish I could say I got one of Gabi
snuggling w/ Daddy but every time I got the camera,
she magically disappeared!

But that wasn't isn't for Daddy.
He got to take a nice, long, relaxing morning nap.
Momma made him a tie.
AND, he got a rockin' dinner.

Stuffed spinach mozzarella chicken w/ lemon roasted asparagus.

We have some special activities to do today.
Can't write about them yet cuz Daddy is reading this at lunch.

We love you very much!

1 comment:

Miranda said...

A very happy birthday to Todd! The photo with Sofi is just so precious... always melts my heart to see a daddy so obviously enjoying being loved on by his baby!

Any chance I could get that chicken recipe from you? It looks divine!