Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mötley Crüe Concert

Mommy & Daddy enjoy getting out.
It really doesn't happen often enough.
But we are getting better,
trying to have a date night at least once a month.

It hasn't been an easy road.
Ask any parents of multiples.
They will tell you the same thing.

I think it becomes an even bigger problem
the more multiples you have at a time.
Speaking from experience,
triplets throws a kink in to the romantic side of a marriage.

But now that the kids are older,
they actually "get" when we say we are going out on a date.
Not only that, but lets face the truth,
they are easier to put to bed now.
They are more self sufficient.

In essence, they are easier to care for.
So I don't stress leaving them w/ the GPs.
Cuz you know I stress.
Can't help it.

But not so much anymore.
I have worked really hard to "let go".

This is the thing...

These are my only children.
I will only get them home w/ me now.
Once they go to school,
I don't get that chance again.

I am going to revel in every moment I have,
no matter how stressful it is.

That's really what I'm talking about.
And Todd seems to have my back on this.
He understands.
I couldn't ask for a more understanding hubs!

Now, back to the show.
Mötley Crüe is our fave band, together.
We danced to Without You for our 1st dance at the wedding.
Yep, we are cheese like that.

Going out to a Mötley Crüe concert meant we had to have the digs.
I purchased 2 shirts for Todd & I to wear.
His, the 1st Mötley Crüe album, Too Fast for Love.
There wasn't much in the way for me to choose from.
And I had to sex it up a bit so I cut out the neck & made it a scoop neck.
LOVE the shirt now.

Yeah, I'm hot for my man!

This was at the venue, outside.
I'm a Nikki fan although I think I am a bigger Tommy fan.
This bus was awesome.
It also hit Tommy's bus on the way to our city.

We are official SIN Crüe-heads.
Love it!


*Melissa* said...

I am so glad you guys are able to get out on occasion and enjoy some husband and wife time! looks like fun!!! You guys are too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Saw KISS last year with my kids. Tried to explain to them that it was as much about the showmanship as the music. It was awesome. awesome close seats for $50 Motley Crue tickets bought outside 5 mins before show started ..If I had the chance to see motley I would want to be more close.