Monday, September 22, 2008

The results are in!

Well, I got smart & asked for a copy of the pathology report & there were 3 placentas, 2 fused together so that is why the report read dichorionic (2 placentas) triamniotic (3 amniotic sacs). Don't ask me why they don't consider it trichorionic b/c it clearly stated THREE placentas. I have a feeling Dr. Adam only read the part where it said di/tri & not the rest of the report. That was our 1st clue that they were more likely fraternal than identical.

THEN...the call came. This happened last Thursday but due to the power issues & chaotic environment in the aftermath of Ike, I haven't had a chance to post about it. The DNA lab called & said that the girls are fraternal. It is official, no more questions, no more comparing pictures, no more doubts...they are fraternal!

Emotionally, I am glad b/c that means each of our embryos made it but there is a part of me that is sad b/c for 5.5 months I have come to believe that my girls were identical. Honestly, it doesn't matter b/c I still love them the same. Questioning the report was driving me crazy & everyone around us (our parents) kept telling us that they weren't identical. Part of me KNEW that it was true BUT I didn't want to question the report or Dr. Adam. Todd didn't believe it from the get go & he was right. I'm just glad that the results are in b/c it was driving me CRAZY not knowing for sure.

Abuelita (my mom) & Ian right before his bath.

Mommy & Gabi...see how our eyes are very similar?

This is how I feed Sofi every day when I am alone.

All 3 babies hanging out on the floor together.


Brittanie said...

You know, I'm relieved that they're fraternal. The first thought I had when you said they were identical 5 months ago was "oh, then one of the embies didn't make it..." I just never said it. So I'm glad that all 3 did! YAY! I'm glad you don't have to wonder any more.

And they're beautiful as always. (hug)

Norina said...

Mommy's intuition is ALWAYS right! You knew it from the moment you laid eyes on them that they were fraternal. I know it's easy to doubt ourselves, especially when dr's are telling us otherwise, so I'm glad you have the report to confirm what your heart already knew :)

Marie said...

So glad to see that you finally got your answers Astrid!!! Good call on the testing though! The babies are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad you now know! You've got 3 beautiful babies. I've got to make it over there to see them sometime, but energy is an issue these days, haha.

My Five Little Monkeys said...

So, does this mean you didn't get the results back from the DNA testing?
Glad that all three of your embryos made it--and isn't it fun to see three different physical representations of you and Todd? I mean identicals are their own brand of fun, but I've always enjoyed seeing the 5 different versions of my husband and myself.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was no way they were identical. Too many differences. I voted in your poll, too, can't believe so many people thought they were identical.

Either way, it is great that all 3 embies made it. That means you've got 3 strong babies on your hands! :)

Meluch+3 said...

I'm so glad your little ones are doing so fantastically. (We have a set of outfits that match the green one Ian is wearing.) So cute!