Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Potatoes...YUMMY!

They love them! The 1st 2 days we ate sweet potatoes that were in a jar b/c I didn't have time to bake the real ones. I have to say that once you bake a sweet potatoe, it is very easy to make it in to baby food. I didn't even puree it! Here is what I did...

*Preheat oven to 400.
*Using a fork, poke holes in to the sweet potato.
*Wrap sweet potato in foil (I put a tiny amount of water in there before I seal the foil).
*Place in glass baking dish.
*Cook for 1 hr 15 min (this makes it super soft).
*Using a spoon, take out the "meat" of the potato & mash.

I equate 1 serving as 2 tablespoons so 2 potatoes made 15 servings. I know that they are going to need more & will up a 1 serving to equal 4 tablespoons at some point so that would make about 7-8 servings. I did not water down the potatoes b/c after I mashed them w/ a fork, it was super soft.

I also promised pictures since I did not post any the last time.

The girls like tummy time when they can see each other.

Sofi really likes to sit up now days so she like the bumbo chair quite a bit.

Ianchito playing in the exersaucer.

Ianchito & Sofi sharing a burpie cloth, Ianchito's turn!

Now it's Sofi's turn to chew on it!

Besides the food, things are going so-so. We are having napping issues w/ Ian. It seems now that I am breastfeeding him exclusively, he naps at the same time which interferres w/ his nap after they eat. He will cry & cry until he falls asleep. Out of frustration, I went & bought Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child & read through the book in 1 day, implementing the methodology the next day. Well, it went ok but their naps were short & the evening was very messed up. The 2nd day was even worse! I was at my wits end yesterday evening w/ very fussy babies. This made for a very unhappy mommy. I'm going back to our old schedule w/ a bit of a modification. The babies are going to bed earlier. We are working on that. Rather than going down at 8:30 (by the time all is said & done), we have started moving them up little by little w/ the goal being 7pm. That is helping quite a bit b/c they are sleeping through until about 5:30-6am! They get their little snack bottle & then go back down until 7:30am.

The only thing I find very frustrating about all this is that they were napping so well until the middle of last week & then BOOM...it all changed for Ian. I'm sitting here typing & he is crying b/c he won't give in & go to sleep. What happened? He was my calm baby. They were barely up 2 hrs. I just don't know! If there are any mommies out there that have an idea of what is going on, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE!


Marie said...

Astrid, it sounds like the all of a sudden difficulty with naps may be owed to a growth spurt. I think that may be it! Love the pictures!!

Brittanie said...

I don't know if Marie is right or not, but Erin does that same thing every few months. Lately it hasn't been naps, but nightimes, which is frustrating.

So, though I have no advice, I just wanted to tell you it's not just Ian!

Marla said...

Growth spurt sounds right to me too, my babies went through those stages too! Hang in there!

For the award, you can just copy and paste the rules and characteristics then just nominate 5 blogs. I picked you because your sweet babies always make me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the growth spurt idea. Joel went throught them pretty often and it really messed things up!

About the baby food, if you have a steamer, use it! If not, go out and buy one. They are $15 or so. Peal the sweet potatoes, steam them for 40 minutes or so, dump in a blender, use the water from the catch tray to thin, and freeze in ice cube trays. You can use the steamer with pears, broccolli, green beans, peas, etc. (apples cook down too much and I recommend boiling on the stove in a bit of water). Anyway, homemade baby food is SO much cheaper and tastes so much better! You are doing awesome!
PS, Sweet potatoes can also bind up the poop process so be careful with them. I didn't realize that until the dr pointed it out and Joel was on day 8 with no poop!

Joy said...

I agree with the above comments, or it could be early teething. I've found when my 3 are cutting teeth, their sleep habits tend to get off a bit. Naps are always the most difficult too, especially when it comes to keeping them consistent. We've had to move one of our girls out of the bedroom because she wakes the other two up. Also, we did the same with pushing the bedtime up and it made all the difference in the world! Your babies are adorable and you are amazing for making your own food!

Surviving Triplets said...

Marie ~ Thank you! I didn't think about that possibility.

Joy ~ I have also had a sneaking suspition that it is teething b/c they naw on EVERYTHING!

Anonymous ~ I do have a B&D steamer & plan on steaming most veggies. Carrots are next (we bought organic already peeled) & I will be steaming them. Thanks for the tips!

Kaplanovs said...

Growth spurt, teething or just learning something new. Mine is working on crawling and got her first tooth a few days ago. She was sleeping through the night and suddenly is waking up once or twice a night and is horrible to get down for a nap. It was the same with learning to turn over or sitting up or starting solids.

Also, carrots stain really badly with plastics and clothes. If you can swing it, make baby-food once a week in a big batch and divide it up, that will make it much easier! And lastly, if carrots don't go over well, carrots and apples seem to be very popular amongst babies. :-)

Best of luck!!

Kaplanovs said...

Oh and I totally forgot: Hyland's Colic pills, for the fussy one. Has been a real life-saver!!

Norina said...

Hey Astrid, I have hit and miss days with Zech as well in the napping department. I had a week of terrible naps and I finally gave into my husband who said I needed to disgard babywise (I know you read it as well) and feed him before his nap. I started doing that and he is napping a lot better. I think babywise worked GREAt in the beginngin but now that he's getting older the whole "eat, play, sleep" isn't really working anymore because his playtime is a lot longer then it use to be, which means he's burning calories and then when I was putting him down he was going down already hungry. therfore he was either not wanting to nap or napping for 15-20 min max and would wake up starving. I have found that if I feed him befroe a nap he sleeps for 45- to an hour, which isn't great but A lot better. Not sure if this info helps you but just wanted to throw it out there in case it doe. i wish you luck! Love, N~

Beth said...

Hi! I'm a member of the triplet connection here in Austin, and just found your blog online. I have 6 week old triplets (b/b/g) and have so many questions I would love to ask you as you seem to have figured out so many solutions! If you are willing, please email me and let me know, and I will shoot back with some of my many questions. Thanks!
Beth Castellow (crazyfunbeth@hotmail.com)