Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New milestones...my babies are growing up too fast!

Wow...they are just over 5 months old. Where did the time go? Seriously! I just switched out their 0-3 month clothing for 3-6 month. Yeah, we are a bit behind on size but I am ok w/ that b/c it means they stay smaller just a little bit longer. I'm sad to see my babies growing so quickly BUT at the same time, I love watching them hit new milestones.

Today, Ianchito finally rolled all the way over by himself. I even got a picture. He ended up hanging out on his tummy, playing w/ his arm for about 40 minutes. Figuring that he has never spent more than about 5 minutes on his tummy at one time, I was amazed at how comfortable he was & how much he was enjoying himself!

All 3 babies have also really started enjoying the exersaucer. I think it is b/c their feet finally touch the bottom, haha! They are manipulating the toys around it quite a bit better & can hang out in it for 30 minutes at a time! Gabi was really enjoying herself today.

While Gabi was in the exersaucer & Ian was on his tummy, Sofi decided to discover her toes! This is the 2nd time she has really taken notice but the first that she realized that they were part of her. I didn't snap her in the bouncy seat b/c I was sitting right next to her. She scooted down & grabbed on tight!

We have also introduced carrots to the babies. They LOVE them! I tried them & am not a big fan at all. Of course, I don't like cooked carrots so why would I like cooked, pureed carrots? DUH! The next thing on the menu is going to be butternut squash. I'm probably going to cook it on Friday. Making baby food is EASY! If you think for 1 minute that it is difficult, PLEASE post a message to me & I will discuss it further. I know you can read everything on the web about it & be very overwhelmed. I think the secret is to take it 1 veggie/fruit at a time. We started w/ sweet potatoes. I was surprised at just how easy it actually was. The carrots are easy too, just takes a bit longer to prepare b/c you have to steam them & then puree them. Oh, my wonderful inlaws got this AWESOME baby food maker for me & I put it to use the very next day. It is called the Baboa Babycook & can be found at Williams-Sonoma. There are a couple of drawbacks to it though...

1) It makes portions for 1 baby & I have 3 so it takes a bit longer to make more.
2) In order to puree what ever it is you have steamed, you have to hold the switch in place. There is no locking it in to place.

There are many more advantages though...

1) It is small enough to store on the counter w/o taking up much room.
2) Everything is done in the same bowl so you only have to clean 1 set of parts.
3) It is very convenient & easy to use.

Here it is loaded w/ chopped carrots.

This is after I puree the carrots.

This is the finished product.

Rather than use ice cube trays which I have heard about, I decided to use the Glad Ware 1/2 cup containers since I am feeding 3 babies. It makes for easy freezing, defrosting & serving b/c I don't have to worry about it being a multiple step process. Once I put them in the Gladware, they go in to the freezer & then directly to the microwave for about 45 seconds to thaw out & then to be served directly from the same container. No having to dirty anything extra & when you are taking care of 3 babies it is all about cutting corners & saving time! For those of you wondering about the baby food jar, I use it for the introduction b/c it is a 2.5 oz jar which gives each baby 1/3 serving for the 1st try to make sure that they don't have a reaction to it. I plan on using it w/ every new introduction. I don't freeze that either.

Well, I think that is about it for now. We have 3 weeks left until they hit 6 months & our well baby exam. I'm very curious to know how much they each weigh. I'm guessing they are around the 14-15 lb range as of right now.

Oh...almost forgot, for those of you curious where I got the DNA test, it is from www.dnanow.com & cost $99. I am hoping that the results will be in by the end of the week. I also got a call back from Dr. Adam's nurse & the report read that the placenta & babies were dichorionic (2 placentas) triamniotic (3 sacs). The shared placenta was between babies A & B which are Sofi & Gabi. She reread the report & declared them "identical". So now we wait for the DNA results. One other thing, no...they do not have to be "identical" in looks. Since they were each in their own sacs, they had different "environments" which can affect their looks as well as Gabi's head molding issues. Hmmm...I'm still not completely convinced!


Megan Jannise said...

You got the baby food maker! I saw it and loved it. Let me know how much you like it and I might just have to go get me one as well. They also have a baby food cookbook at Williams-Sonoma. I might go push the babies around the mall tomorrow to get out and walk, and if I do, I will stop by and check out the cookbook. We have a doctor's appointment as well to discuss a formula change, so I will call you and let you know how it goes. Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

My girls were identical. I had the Amnio done because of Twin A having a Diaphragmatic Hernia. I thought that was weird since they were identical, but they say they develop differently. We ended up losing Madison at 5 months old. McKenzie is now 11 months old. They looked very similar but had little difference. I think they are identical. The DNA test will put your mind at ease. I wish you all the best with your triplets. They are so cute! Remember to take care of yourself.

Mother of McKenzie and Madison

Brittanie said...

You know, I was just saying the "where does the time go" myself! Erin's 15 month wellcheck was yesterday. >_< My little sweetness is 15 months old!

Enjoy every moment!

And I'd be very surprised if the girls AREN'T identical, but I can't wait to see!

Kelly & Joe said...

I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. My triplets are about 6 weeks younger than yours. Also 2 identical girls and a boy. I'm not a 1st time Mom, but love to get a quick peak ahead at what mine will be doing 6 weeks from now!

Norina said...

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that you have inspired me to make my own babyfood as well when it's Zech's time. thanks for being such an inspiration to us mommy's who are always wanting to know what to do best for our babies. I am actually looking forward to making the food and I am sooo going to WS for that food processer ASAP!