Friday, October 3, 2008

Our 6 month exam!

First, can you believe it??? I can't! My babies are SIX MONTHS OLD! Where did the time go? They are amazing little babies & are doing so much now. I have to keep them entertained much more than before. During my pumping sessions, they use to be happy to just sit in their bouncy chairs...not any more! They need the stimulation. Gabi is the only one that continues to enjoy her bouncy chair & that is b/c she LOVES to pump her legs & make it bounce on her own. She look so precious doing it!

I busted out a "new" toy & the kids LOVE it. I don't know what it is called but it is part of the Fisher-Price Rainforest series. It is like an exersaucer but it actually bounces. I brought it out on Wednesday & the kids take turns in it. I think they love the fact that they can move around in it & there is plenty to entertain them. Here is Sofi playing in it this morning.

We also got these really cool floor tiles that are fantastic to put down underneath the playmat or for them just to roll around on b/c it is so easy to clean, not like a blanket where you would have to wash it after they have drooled all over it. These are nice b/c you just wipe them clean! This is Ianchito playing on the mat this morning & the tiles are under the mat. In case you are interested, you can get them at Toys R Us for under $30 & that is for the whole alphabet AND number tiles!

We have also moved on to green veggies & fruits as far as food goes. Yep, I'm still making it here at home. They enjoyed eating peas so for those of you that said it would make them gag...WRONG! I don't know if it is b/c they are freshly made or what but they gobbled them up like there was no tomorrow! I have to say that they reacted the same way to applesauce, YUMMY! I haven't homemade the applesauce yet but plan on it. I just bought a big jar of unsweetened applesauce rather than the jars of baby food. Below are Gabi, Ian, & Sofi eating peas for the 1st time!

Now for the dr's appt...everything is going very well! The babies are continuing to grow & are all on the regular growth chart. Here are their stats & the percentages is where they fall on the chart of a REGULAR, full term 6 mth old!

Gabi ~ 15lb 6oz (45%), 26 1/4" (60%)
Sofi ~ 14lb 10oz (25%), 25 3/4" (50%)
Ian ~ 14LB 6oz (5%), 26 1/8" (50%)

She is very impressed w/ their growth except for Ian's weight. He did grow 3" in 2 mths & that was great but he is still on the "skinny" side. Hmmmm...I'm doing all I can! I guess he is going to be tall & lean. They are all still breastfeeding 1at thing in the morning & getting BM throughout the day. The only bottle of formula is still their bedtime bottle. They are getting solids TWICE a day! I try giving them a fruit in the morning & then a veggie at night. So far, so good but this is only the 2nd day we have been doing 2 meals. They seem more content at the 1pm feeding.

We are waiting to see if we qualify for the RSV shots. RSV is a virus that is a cold but for preemies w/ diminished lung capacity, can cause BIG, BIG PROBLEMS. We meet some of the criteria which are 1) they are multiples, 2) there is asthma in the immediate family (Todd), and 3) low birth weight, under 2500 g or 5.5 lbs. Another criteria is that they be born after April 1, 2008 & we all know that they were born on March 31st so this is an "iffy" one. The dr believes that the insurance will most likely qualify us for the shots. Some of the other things they look for that we don't fit are 1) children going to daycare, 2) other siblings at home, and 3) degenerative heart disease (don't know this until after they are about a year old). We will find out by the end of the month.

IF for some reason we are denied, it will cause us to have to go in to seclusion. Yep, no going out of the house. Walks are ok but things like the mall or having lots of people over is a big no-no. I'm already use to not going out so this won't be an issue especially since I am still pumping/BFing. After we hit a year old, things will be different. We will be more mobile & go out of the house more often but not until after we get through this 1st year of RSV season & until I finish pumping.

OK, I wrote a book! WHEW!


Marie said...

Astrid the babies are just too cute!! I have to jump in and say that their date of birth shouldn't be too big of a problem. Patrick was born the day before them and he got the RSV no problem. It should be an oral medication too. Maybe its different in TX but they should be able to have the vaccine.

Congrats on still BFing you are one amazing Momma!!!

Brittanie said...

Okay, that's weird, but Erin totally got the RSV vaccine as part of her regular imms. I didn't know that you had to "qualify" to get it. Here's hoping you do though.

The babies are looking so good! Even Ian. Erin's also very lean (although she's in the 30s. but she's in the 80s for height, so...).

Good luck honey!

Kel said...

What great pics! I'll bet they loved the peas because they were real and not the nasty processed kind you find in jarred baby food. I will cross my fingers on the insurance approval - I'd think, being triplets and born the day before April 1, they surely should qualify!

Mum to girls said...

Its called a jumperoo, lacey has one and she loves it!! cant believe the trips are 6 months already!! that has gone soo fast, glad they are all doing soo well

Shannon said...

Aww look at those pea covered faces! :o)

I hope you're able to get them the RSV vaccine.

Little Mrs Sunshine said...

wow 6 months already! they are growing wonderfully! I am sure by 9 months Ian will have caught up! You are doing awesome keeping them healthy and well fed! My kids loved veggies too - even peas (well Joey and Emma we haven't started Lincoln yet) Your breastfeeding will really help them a lot as far as the immune system goes. I hope you get the results you want about the vaccines - we don't vaccinate so I doubt I have any advice you want to hear LOL. keep up the good work with those cuties!

Marie said...

tag you're it!! go check out my blog!

Norina said...

I have that jumper too, i think it's called the rainforest jumperoo??? I might be making that up? Anyway, Zech loves it. he does what i call "baby bounce bounce" in it and it's hilarious! have fun with yours!!!