Saturday, October 18, 2008

12 Hour Nights

Well, we finally decided it was time for us to start letting the babies sleep 12 hrs. I know, you are probably thinking "What? LET them sleep 12 hours???" Yeah, LET them sleep 12 hours, you read right. Todd & I have actually been holding on to the 5am feeding for our own selfish reasons. Todd likes to see them awake before he goes to work & I LOVE to BF them all 1st thing in the morning. We both knew the minute we let them sleep longer, they would & sure enough it happened just like that.

We decided that today we would transition them to not eating at 5am. Sofi & Ian never even woke up but we knew this would happen b/c we have been waking them up for the 5am for quite some time now. Gabi woke up a few times at 4:15, 5ish, & 5:45 w/ a squawk or 2 but went right back to sleep. I have a feeling tomorrow she won't wake up at all knowing that she isn't going to get the boob. WAAAAA...I'm so sad! I LOVED to feed them in bed! It just isn't feasible w/o someone here though so I'm back to giving BM in the bottle for the girls. Maybe I can still BF on the weekends w/ Todd's help. So, we now have another "new" schedule...

7am ~ Wake up & play (they are use to playing right after they wake up)
8am ~ BF/Bottles
8:45 ~ Cereal & fruits
10:00 ~ Nap time!
11:30 ~ Wake up & play
12:00 ~ BF/Bottles, play afterwards
12:45 ~ Lunch is coming soon...possibly by the end of the month.
2:00 ~ Nap time!
3:30 ~ Wake up & play
4:00 ~ BF/Bottles
4:45 ~ Veggies
5:30 ~ Family walk
6:45 ~ Bottles (formula w/ a tbs of rice cereal)

I haven't decided whether or not I like this new schedule. I can tell you it was nice getting 8 hrs of continuous sleep although I was up every time Gabi woke up. I think it may work out better this way. We'll see!

When Sofi isn't in the best of moods, she sucks on her paci & puts a burpie cloth over her head. She is very content this way.

Here are Gabi's 2 "Ike's". It was HELL getting this shot, LOL!

I LOVE this picture of Ian b/c he looks like he got caught doing something he shouldn't be.


Brittanie said...

Props on the toothy shot Mama! Teeth shots are HARD to get. And I know how you feel about losing that feeding. It's hard and heartbreaking to let it go, but you just have to roll with what life hands you as it changes. I'm amazing you're still going as far as you are! (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Just saying hi and I hope the new schedule works well for you guys.

Love the pics of your cuties. :o)