Saturday, September 7, 2013

Extra-curricular Activites

As a child, I absolutely LOVED to participate in sports.
I did gymnastics.
Soccer (2 seasons per year)
Speed skating (don't laugh...yes, on good ol' roller skates).

And I loved every minute.
Except when I tried to do gymnastics at Bela Karolyi's gym, along side Mary Lou Retton.
That, I quit after 3 months.

Dude, that guy was TOUGH.

So, this begs the discussion on activities with triplets.
I am a firm believer that this is an important part of development.
It teaches team spirit, cooperation, patience, sportsmanship, etc.

But, I think it is a bit tougher to be as eclectic with sports as I was as a child.
I mean, there are THREE of them the SAME age.
Yeah, in case you didn't catch they are triplets {totally being is my mood tonight}.

I started all the kids in dance/tap when they were 3.
I thought it would be a great way to intro in to extra curricular activities.
And knowing our schedule, doing them together is a must.

Yes, this meant the boy was in dance/tap.
He even did the recitals.
I think it is good for him to experience all this as well.

But, let's face it.
Dance is not cheap.
Dance class isn't, its the recitals!

So, we decided to take time away from dance.
But eventually, the kids needed something else.
Having gone to the local gymnastics for a birthday party, I knew immediately we would start taking the kids.

They love it.
The girls are doing great & so is Ian.
I truly believe that gymnastics helps you get to know your body & its capabilities better.

It has been almost a full year since we have started.
Ian's balance & coordination as well as general strength has really improved.
And, it is something they all do at the same time.

One trip to the gym, once a week.
Sometimes we have to go twice, for a make up.
That is a pain in the butt.

Knowing how hectic it is, I think we will stick to 1 extra curricular for now.
And if Ian or the girls want to try something out, we will discuss it & let them.
But we sure as heck ain't gonna do more than 1 per week!

Did I mention I love watching them do gymnastics?
Brings back so many memories!
I am happy we have the opportunity to give them this opportunity.



*Melissa* said...

I was a competetive gymnast for years :) I can't wait to get the kids enrolled :) I teach them a lot at home for now.

Astrid said...

Melissa, I can totally see you doing gymnastics!