Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Car Seat Confessions

I am somewhat of a planner.
Ok, not always but there are some things I really sit & think my way through.
One of them has been car seats.

Yeah, the oh-so-controversial topic.
Which, for the record, I do not understand WHY.
Why would you NOT keep your kids as safe as possible for as long as possible?

Pretty easy for me to get.
And yeah, I understand 5-point harnesses are a pain in the ass with triplets.
But, I don't really care.

I would hate to be in an accident with a child ending up hurt & wish I hadn't been so focused on how difficult it is to get them in & out of those suckers because at the end of the day, they are the safest.
Which brings me to the topic of the day.

When do you switch from those pesky 5-point harnesses & in to boosters?
When we purchased car seats, I did tons of research.
I wanted to get the most bang for our buck.

We started w/ infant carriers & kept them rear-facing until they were about 14 months old.
Then it was time to move to the bigger seats.
Due to our mode of transportation, a Honda CRV, rear-facing was not an option with the new seats.

And we didn't have the money to dump in to a new car so we made it work.
Sunshine Radians were the thinnest on the market at the time.
They were expensive but honestly, I knew we would be in them for quite some time.

So far, we are 4.5 yrs in to using those wonderful seats.
But we are nearing the time when it will be time for booster seats.
Thinking I would be ahead of the game, I found the Evenflo AMPS & purchased them with giftcards.

They are rated 10 on the top 21 high back boosters.
They look super cute.
There is just one problem.

It is very apparent that 3 booster seats do not belong across the back seat of my CRV.
Trust me, I was out there for 2.5 hours trying to figure it all out.
So, back to the drawing board cuz we ain't getting a new car, YET.

Yes, I was sweaty.
Yes, I was a bit pissed that I spent 2.5 hrs trying to figure this crap out.
But in the end, I am glad we are still in 5-point harnesses.

May bug the crap out of the kids but at least I know they aren't moving.
And I managed to adjust the actual bench to sit up better, thus the fit of the carseats are better on my kids.
No more latch, they are too big so the seats are now in their place w/ the regular seatbelts.

There ya have it.
A tale of 3 car seats.
And one sweaty momma that did all that work to just keep the original seats.



*Melissa* said...

Our backseat looks similar with the sunshine radians. I love those :)

Carranza3plets said...

Hi. We have them too and want to keep them in them as much as possible. We have regular boosters for my mom's car and they are MUCH more of a pain. Whereas the kids can buckle themselves into the harnesses, they can't buckle the seatbelts by themselves. It's too hard. P.S. I'm really glad you started posting again. My triplets are in first grade, so it's fun to read a blog with kids about the same age about realife issues! The homework!!!!! We will probably get it starting this week. Here we go again!! And yes, you will figure out a system. I ended up doing alot one at a time (possibly not all on the same day) to avoid the million "help me"s at once. Good luck!!!!!